Anorak News | David Beckham’s Fight With LA Lakers Fan In Pictures

David Beckham’s Fight With LA Lakers Fan In Pictures

by | 20th, July 2009
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7597313DAVID Beckham still plays for the LA Lakers, one of the leading half dozen football team in Los Angeles.

And Beckham’s mission to take footy to the heathen is working. News is that not only do LA Lakers now play with a round “ball” but that the team boasts a sections of fans called the LA Riot Squad who have taken to booing and jeering Beckham whenever he touches the ball.

Beckham has turned the Lakers into Leeds united.

Look out for the lads hanging an effigy of Beckham from lamp-post and asking in a tuneful manner if Lady Becks is into sodomy.

Says Day-vid:

“[The boos are] to be expected. Sometimes it goes beyond it. I tried to shake one of the guy’s hands but he didn’t want any of it. That’s the way it is.”

A fan tells the of lovable Becks:

“He went up there and said ‘Come on mother-effer’ and called the guy out. He called out a drunk fan – how stupid is that?”

That might well be a rhetorical question because the fans soon adds: “He’s stupid.”

But let us not be too hard on Day-vid. Having triggered upset in the crowd – or “raised passions”, as the press release trills – Day-vid showed that colonialism can be a two-way boulevard and while we hoped he’d call the fan a “w***er” or a “****”, the “motherf****er”, though disappointing, suggests that you must stoop to conquer.

So a fight is averted. But had it not been for the barriers, the security, the shaving deals and the chance of badly ruffled hair, Beckham might well have really told the fan off.

Pictures of the match hereunder:

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