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Susan Boyle Says Fame Is Like A Demolition Ball

by | 21st, July 2009

7464408SUSAN Boyle Watch: Susan Boyle is doing the media rounds, looking like a more varnished version of her old self, using Americanised words and functioning like a hairy puppet on Simon Cowell’s string.

This is being billed as Susan Boyle’s “comeback” – a cynical marketing-led claim for a woman who never went away – sometimes, she never even left her room to go on stage.

AGW loosk at Susan Boyle, the women who became the No Hit Wonder as she talks nonsense on US TV show Today:

Susan Boyle, has had a make over and a new purple dress and is now in Los Angeles, a long. long, way from her roots and her pussy back home in Blackburn, West Lothian.

The news agency Reuters says Susan will be hitting the fame trail again when she tells the world in a television interview due to be broadcast, her sudden fame was like a “demolition ball.”

The interview is on U.S. morning show “Today,” and already the talent spotter Simon Cowell’s influence can be seen in the revamp since transcripts have already been released.

Susan says of her fame:

“The impact, like a demolition ball. You know, and anyone who has that kind of impact — finds it really hard to get a head around it.”

She is in Los Angeles? So is what remains of Michael Jackson.

How many heads does our 48-year-old songbird now own?. How difficult was it it to get that one very poor quote?

Was poor Michael even mentioned?

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