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X-Ray Of Cat That Survived Being Shot In The Brain

by | 21st, July 2009

cat-brain-gunBOBBY the cat has survived being shot for the second time in two years. Bobby, a black and white tom cat, was in 2007 shot in the leg with an airgun. And now he has been shot in the brain.

Susan Stone, Bobby’s keeper, tells us:

“At first I thought he had been knocked down. He was in a bad way.”

Bobby was raced to A Regan and Colleagues in Bury Road, where vet Archie Cumming X-rayed the four-year-old cat and discovered a pellet lodged in his head.

The pellet could not be safely removed so Bobby now wears it inside his head as a badge of honour.

When Bobby came round, he was walking around in circles and Miss Stone feared he was brain damaged — but he has since made a good recovery.

“I feel as though a miracle has happened,” said Miss Stone, who has spent £500 on treatment for Bobby. Unfortunately, he is a big cat and more white than black and so he stands out. He likes sitting on the garden wall, so he is an easy target. It was just deliberate cruelty.”

Vet Mr Cumming has examined the bullets in his forensics department and says the bullets are relatively rare.

Do you know the kitty killer?

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