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British Pirates Make Off On A Punt

by | 21st, July 2009

puntEAT yer heart out Somalia, with your fancy speed boats. In Cambridgeshire, British pirates are making off with the booty on a punt.

The “Fen pirates” has now been apprehended, arrested on the River Ouse.

The four-strong group broke in to 16 unoccupied boats, causing damage costing almost £2,500, before loading luxury electrical items on to a waiting punt.

But they were picked up by police hours later after officers used night vision goggles to find them bobbing along the Fenland river.

Officers discovered the gang’s getaway punt had been laden with two flatscreen TVs, a DVD player, two electricity generators and a large amount of alcohol.

And a captain’s hat.

Putting should be an Olympic sport in London 2012. The lobbying begins here.

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