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Schoolboy Overdoes On Teacher’s Free Nicorette Gum

by | 21st, July 2009

gumAIDEN Williams “overdosed” on the Nicorette gum haded out to teach children to stop smoking at Menzies High School Science College in West Bromwich, West Midlands.

Aiden, 14, chewed 45 sticks of Nicrette gum in nicotine gum – equivalent to 180 Marlboro Light cigarettes – in 25 minutes.

Yeah, lights. Tsk! Kids today are so soft.

Aiden claims he was given the gum by a classmate who had allegedly been caught smoking. Says a disappointed Caroline Williams, Aiden’s mum:

“I couldn’t believe that this gum can be given out like this without parents knowing. It is then being passed around the playground. The doctors said that he could have died and he had to be kept in for 24 hours for observation. I know what my son did was stupid, but if anything it proves that these kids can’t be given responsibility for taking medication that could do serious harm.”

How times change. A few years ago, Aiden and his ilk may have been expected to snaffle a few of mum or dad’s cigarettes and vomit behind the back of the bike sheds. Now in these enlightened times the sheds are a therapy suite and you can get a hit of nicotine without getting the smell on your clothes or playing with matches.

Margaret Storrie, of Workers from Sandwell Council’s Drug Education, Counselling and Confidential Advice (Decca) explains:

“Aiden overdosing on gum like this is the first time such an incident has happened and we are disappointed to hear about it. Aiden’s friend who was originally given the gum would have been told very clearly how often to use it by the worker who gave it to him.”

It is just so irresponsible and not what we expect if kidzzz who have taken up smoking…

Next week Anorak looks at the horror of chewing gum on the pavement.

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