Anorak News | Madeleine McCann Is Number One In The Top Ten Unsolved Crimes Hit Parade

Madeleine McCann Is Number One In The Top Ten Unsolved Crimes Hit Parade

by | 24th, July 2009

billie-jo-jenkinsMADELEINE McCann Watch: Anorak’s at-a-glance look at Madeleine McCann in the news – Our Maddie Tops the Top Ten Missing Unsolve Crimes.

Hats off to the Daily Telegraph for dreaming up The Top Ten Unsolved Crimes and putting Madeleine McCann front-page centre.  The web loves Top Tens and with this one the Tabloidgraph should get loadsa traffic.

Beneath a picture of a grinning Madeleine McCann, Telegraph readers learn:

Richard Edwards: The question I get asked most: What happened to Madeleine McCann?

Edwards is the paper’s crime correspondent. Greetings, ghoul pickers. Here’s the official Top Ten of Crimes Unsolved:

That Top Ten:

Our Maddie
Jill Dando
Milly Dowler
Stephen Lawrence – Yeah, really. Unsolved? Or unprosecuted?
Suzy Lamplugh
Adam, Torso in the Thames
Colonel Robert Workman – in which Edwards mentions the TV show Midsomer Murders. Can you tell fact from fiction?
Ben Needham
The Nightstalker (London rapist and burglar)

No space for Jack The Ripper, DB Cooper, Billie-Jo Jenkins (pictured), and every one of the millions of crimes that go unsolved. But, then, those crimes don’t have the celebrity element – a vital ingredient in a Daily Telegraph story…

Alright? Stay bright!  Not ‘arf!

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