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Michael Jackson Craved Milk Of Amnesia Drug

by | 24th, July 2009

stephen-hoefflin-jacksonMICHAEL Jackson Watch: Michael Jackon will see you now, Dr James, Dr Murray, Dr Klein and Dr Hoefflin – time to examine Jackson’s records and notes.

Daily Mirror: “Michael Jackson’s desperate pleas for sleep drug to tackle insomnia – Driven insane by insomnia as his gruelling comeback gigs loomed, Michael Jackson knew where the answer to his problems lay.”

Mental health issues? A total rest and lots of daytime telly? Lager? No:

The desperate singer turned to Dr Dwayne James and pleaded with him to get hold of powerful hospital drug Propofol (below) to knock him out for a good night’s sleep. But instead of caving in to his dangerous demands, the physician issued him with a dire warning that far from being his saviour, the sedative medics call the milk of amnesia could kill him.

Who knew? Well, the doctors knew. You want another opinion? Anorak’s in-house surgeon says Jackson died from something fatal. Now read on…

The Sun: “MICHAEL Jackson’s doctor made the star’s son watch his vain attempt to revive him, Jacko’s family said yesterday.”

Jackson family friend Dr Steven Hoefflin said Dr Murray made Prince Michael watch him perform cardiac resuscitation on his prone father…

Unpleasant stuff. Watching a loved one die is traumatic, especially for a child. Why was Prince Michael there?

But Dr Conrad Murray wanted a witness to his unsuccessful try at cardiac resuscitation.

Given the  monstering of Dr Murray, his actions seem pragmatic and prudent. But other than allowing Sun readers to gawp at Prince Michael Jackson, what does it mean?

Dramatic new evidence of the immediate aftermath of his death is also emerging. And Jacko’s relatives were said to be ready to launch law suits over the Thriller singer’s “wrongful” end.

So they say. But what proof?

Dr Hoefflin, speaking on behalf of the singer’s mother Katherine, said medics at Los Angeles’ UCLA Hospital believe Jacko had been dead for at least TWO HOURS before he arrived there in an ambulance a month ago.

It is thought he had a heart attack after being given the sedative Propofol at his rented mansion.

Such are the facts.

Dr Hoefflin added: “I can also tell you the police have now pieced together every minute of the last 12 hours before Michael died.”

Any criminal charges? No. Dr Murray denies any wrongdiong. Meanwhile, Dr Hoefflin has more.

THE coroner investigating Michael Jackson’s death has swooped on ANOTHER clinic linked to the star’s skin doctor Arnold Klein.It followed a seizure of the dermatologist’s medical records earlier this week…

Jacko’s ex-plastic surgeon and friend Dr Steven Hoefflin said the evidence from Klein’s 1993 files was “horrifying reading”. He said: “I had no idea Michael was being given this insane amount of Demerol.

“The maximum amount you should give a patient of his weight and build in SEVERE surgical pain is 200mg a day. Michael was being given 800mg a day.

I feel Dr Klein was over-treating him to make money. I have launched a lawsuit against Dr Klein for fraud. It is my opinion that he got my patient addicted to Demerol.”

It’s all in Michael Jackson’s best interests. Anything else, Doctor?

JACKO turned to surgery after neighbourhood kids branded him BIG NOSE. He was in his late teens when he sought out top nose job expert Steven Hoefflin.

Dr Hoefflin nose:

The Beverly Hills medic told how he drew the line at remodelling his conk after two ops. He said: “The best he ever looked was in his Thriller days after the procedures I had given him. If only he’d stopped there.”

If only…

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