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Nicole Richie To Name Son Michael Jackson Richie

by | 25th, July 2009
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6888989MICHAEL Jackson Watch: Michael Jackson & Me – Nicole Richie to name her new child after her dear, dear, dear friend the King of Pop. Michael would have wanted to live on in little boy. Anorak”s Man in the Hollywood Swamp looks on:

In the past four weeks, the competition to claim a connection to Michael Jackson has been nearly as stiff as his corpse.

Everybody who’s anybody has been rushing to the nearest television camera to talk about the time they so much as made eye contact with the King of Pop.

Enter Paris the Heiress Hilton, and frienemy Nicole Richie.

Just two days ago, we had to sit through Paris’ story of how Michael asked her mom’s permission to name his daughter after the bottle-blonde celebutante.

Now, it’s Nicole’s turn.

Apparently the adopted daughter of Lionel Richie has adopted the idea of adding another famous name to her family tree, by naming her new baby after Michael, assuming it turns out to be a boy.

Michael Jackson, Nicole will be the first to remind us, was her godfather. – RR.

Old MrAnroak says Propofol Anorak is his son and anyone who says otherwise never knew the real Michael.

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