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Katie Price Fancies Rose West And Julia Roberts

by | 28th, July 2009

jordan-filmTHE tabloids continue to jump all over Katie Price, aka Jordan, like a toddler trapped on a trampoline with a fat kid it just can’t get off.

Today, Star readers learn:


A year of chasing Alex Reid, a man who spends his working life in a cage suggests Jordan should either change her shoes, work out a better bust-to-muscle ratio that stops her taking one step forward, toppling over onto her front and bouncing three steps back, or use a phone.

Over in the Mirror, news that Katie Price would like Julia Roberts to play her in a film about her life:

“I’d probably say Julia Roberts – and the reason is, before my career and everything, my hair was really curly.”

And then she shaved off the little curls and fame beckoned.

In the Sun, Jordan says she wants to meet other people who have grabbed life by the short and curlies:

“I love sickos. Dennis Nilsen, Fred and Rose West, Ted Bundy – I’m obsessed. I’ve always been into that kind of stuff – real cut-up, blood and gore murders.”

Although in Katie’s case, the cutting up is followed by a recuperative period of reassembly…

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