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Cheryl Cole’s Other Woman And Jade Goody’s Daughter

by | 28th, July 2009

4243295IN this Week’s Closer magazine: Cheryl Cole’s other woman, Jade Goody’s daughter and Trinny’s carrot baton…

Vomit ‘n’ Tell:

CHERYL Cole is in a state of “misery” because Ashley Cole’s “kiss & tell girl is back”.

Anorak readers will recalls that the kiss ‘n’ tells was more of a puke ‘n’ tell, it alleged that Ashley did engage in vomit-fuelled sex with Aimee Walton, a hairdresser.

But it’s not her. This is Brooke Healy, a blonde who says he also inhaled Ashley Cole’s technicolour vibes.

Says she in Closer magazine, on the matter of Cheryl’s move to America:

“From what I saw of Ashley, they spend a lot of time apart anyway… I just hope she doesn’t get hurt again.”

So says Brooke, who goes on to tell Closer magazine readers in a regret ‘n’ tell:

“I really regret doing the kiss and tell… but I had to speak out. I thought the way he treated me and his wife was disgusting.”

Female solidarity is all when you’re, allegedly, shagging, another woman’s husband.

Jade Goody Junior

JACKIEY Budden, jobbing Jade Goody Mother, she of Jade Goody Industries, says she will have the baby that girl that Jade never had.

4284372Says Jackiey:

“I may be 51 but it’s not too late, I could still get pregnant, Jason’s had the snip but he’s seriously considering having it reversed. We would love to have the baby girl that Jade always wanted.”

Not the same one, you understand, but a new one.

“Jade would be over the moon for me if I got pregnant.”

It being what Jade would have wanted…

The Carrot Baton

TRINNY Woodall, aka Trinny The Tranny, has been putting on weight:

“She has an egg-white omelette for breakfast, and a daily allowance of raw carrot batons, organic rice cakes and roast pumpkin seeds.”

This has given Trinny a “curvier figure”.

And with her orangey-glow on the beach in Bahamas, she looks pumpkin-tastic.

More Groser news next week…

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