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Hear Girl ‘Raped’ On Kyle And Jackie O’s Radio Show

by | 29th, July 2009

kyle-jackie-oON the Kyle Sandilands and Jackie O radio show, a girl is strapped to a lie detector and asked about her sex life. The girl is 14. Her mother asks her if she has had sex. The girl is “scared”. She says she has had sex – she was raped at 12.

This is entertainment. Jackie O wants to probe the girl further. He want to know more about the teenager’s sex life. Kyle wants to – get this – “abort”.

This is  followed by cod concern for minor Jackie O and Kyle have hooked up to a lie detector machine to ask about drugs and sex. Because they care. Forget the therapists – call the police:

AUTHORITIES are investigating a radio stunt in which a girl was strapped to a lie detector before revealing she was raped.

The girl, 14, was peppered with questions about whether she had ever had sex before she broke down on the 2Day FM radio station hosted by by Kyle Sandilands and Jackie O, revealing the rape ordeal she endured at the age of 12…

Under pressure from her mother to reveal if she had ever had sex, the girl broke down and revealed she had been raped.

Sandilands’ first response to the horrifying revelation was, “Right, is that the only experience you have had?” The segment briefly continued with the girl’s mother admitting she knew of the rape before Jackie O intervened and shut the segment down.


Jackie O: All right, we have her hooked up to the lie detector.

Sandilands: Awwww.

Jackie O: She’s not happy! I just saw her listening to that replay.

Sandilands: How are you, Rachel?

Girl: I’m scared. It’s not fair.

Jackie O: It wouldn’t be fair on any kid, I tell you, I sympathise with you

Sandilands: Is that true, Charles, is that true?

Charles: That is true.

Sandilands: She is scared, everyone, yeah.

Jackie O: Yeah. Mum, you have a series of questions you’re going to ask your daughter, and, Rachel, you reply either yes or no and then it will be picked up on the lie detector whether you are telling the truth or lying.

(Rachel is asked whether she’s wagged school. She denies it, and the lie detector registers a lie. The girl protests she’s telling the truth.)

Jackie O: OK, what’s your next question, Mum.

Mother: OK, Have you had sex?

Girl: I’ve already told you the story of this… Don’t look at me and smile because it’s not funny. (Shouts:) Oh, OK … I got raped when I was 12 years old.


Sandilands: Right. (Pause.) And is that the, er, is that the only experience you’ve had?

Mother: I only found out about that a couple of months ago. Yes, I knew about that.

Girl: And yet you still ask me the question.

Mother: I was, the question was, have you had sex, other than that.

Jackie O: Rachel, I’m really sorry, we didn’t actually know that that was the case, and I think we might actually abort this segment, I had no idea that you’ve been through that, so I’m really sorry, and we’ll just let you off the hook, I think, I think it’s best not to continue. Are you all right? It’s okay, you just take a breather, it’s fine. We always have counselling services here, Rachel, if you need that. Have you had any counselling over this issue?

Mother: No, she has not.


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