Anorak News | Gordon Brown’s Labour Party Rifle Pockets Of Injured Soldiers

Gordon Brown’s Labour Party Rifle Pockets Of Injured Soldiers

by | 29th, July 2009

gordon-brown13BERETS off to Gordon Brown and his minions who have found a new way to be still more disliked: cutting compensation pay out to British troops.

Gordon is going for the big one. He hopes that with enough joined-up thinking and courage he can achieve a zero per cent approval rating (better than the Tories’ zero per cent disapproval rating) and secure not a single Labour seat at the next election.

But will shaking down wounded soldiers be enough?

MINISTRY of Defence misers are trying to claw back compensation awarded to a wounded soldier fighting in Afghanistan. They say a tribunal was wrong to hand £46,000 to Cpl Tony Duncan, 27, after he was shot in the leg in Iraq…

After tribunals last year, Tony – who remains in Afghanistan – saw his paltry initial £9,250 payout increased on appeal to £46,000.

A second serviceman dragged to court yesterday – Royal Marine Matthew McWilliams – saw his first £8,250 award for fracturing his thigh in a military exercise upped to £28,750.

But we asks again: is rifling through the pockets of injured soldiers enough?

Anorak suggests that Gordon Brown announce that all monies saved will be put to good use in creating a fitting monument to the fallen and injured in the form of an important mural and wall papering of his private offices.

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