Anorak News | Met Office Alters Its “Barbcue Summer” Prediction

Met Office Alters Its “Barbcue Summer” Prediction

by | 29th, July 2009

7511992THE Met Office is to issue a revised forecast following its claim in April that the UK was “odds-on for a barbecue summer“.

Anyone take the bet?

Rain, wind, snow, more rain – the essence of the British seaside summer remains unchanged: crazy golf, the bandstand, sandblasted broken bottle gems on the sands, the smell of vinegar, children in the sea in their underwear, adults in the sea in their jeans, more rain, chips, and Ken Dodd.

And still they come. Why? Because it’s the Great British seaside, lashed with Great British rain and smelling of great British Chinese take-away shops selling cheese burgers and noodles served by Polish language student.

And they forgot to book Spain.

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