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Former British Jihadi Hassan Butt Fined For Racism

by | 30th, July 2009

hassan-buttHASSAN Butt, once “a member of what is probably best termed the British Jihadi Network”, a member of Al-Muhajiroun, spending time “raising funds for extremists and calling for attacks on British citizens”.

Well, Butt has been found guilty in Greater Manchester of making racist remarks: he called police officers “white redneck hooligans”.

Hassan Butt also accused police of acting “like the Gestapo” and asked them: “Why are you treating me like a P***?”

Butt, “who once admitted having claimed he was a terrorist to make money from the media”, made his observations after police arrested his brother, Omer Butt, in a row over parking.

Pc Christian Allanson overheard Butt say loudly into his mobile phone: “‘I’m just here with these white redneck hooligans.”‘ He told the court Butt also said: “‘Where’s my brother, you’re not the Gestapo'”…

Butt, defending himself, admitted he used the words Paki and Gestapo and accepted he used the word hooligan, and possibly the word white, but denied calling the police rednecks.

It being an Americanism…

Mr Butt… accepted the ideology of Islamic supremacy when he was 16, joining Hizb-ut-Tahrir, before moving to its even more radical splinter group, Al-Muhajiroun.

You can enjoy the group’s map of the world here, as showcased in sunny Gaza.

He was expelled from the University of Wolverhampton for allegedly making racist and homophobic remarks and moved to Lahore in early 2001, where he called on Muslims to wage a holy war against the West. He estimates that he recruited between 50 and 75 young Muslims and raised more than £200,000 in donations for terrorist causes, mainly from British Muslim professionals, including doctors and businessmen.

The young Mr Butt described martyrdom as “the greatest achievement possible in the Muslim faith” and in 2002 told the BBC that some of the British Mujahidin would return from Afghanistan to “take military action within Britain”.

Then he left the jihadis and set to work on his book. Nick Cohen wrote:

Butt works with Shiv Malik, the most interesting writer on terrorism around… Malik was hoping to follow it up with Leaving al-Qaeda, the story of how Butt joined the terror networks after experiencing deprivation and racism in his youth and then repented and discovered a moral purpose to his life. In the pre-publicity, Butt explained: ‘Taking the life of an innocent civilian can be done in an instant, but building your worldview around the justification of murder takes years.’

…Leaving al-Qaeda looked like being one of the most important books of 2008.

Until early on Wednesday morning, that is, when officers from the Greater Manchester Police arrived at Malik’s north London flat and demanded he give them the uncompleted manuscript, along with his research notes and contacts book.

…If the police are merely trying to up their arrest rate, the case will reveal a disastrous ineptness operating on many levels.

So who is Hassan Butt? Inayat Banglawala, spokesperson for the self-aggrandising Muslim Council of Britain:

On May 21, 2008, the Greater Manchester Police presented to the High Court the transcript of their recent interviews with Hassan Butt since he was arrested in which he, for the first time, admitted that he had ‘made up’ all the stories of his al-Qa’ida involvement: “I’ve never met anyone from al-Qaida or anyone who claimed to be from al-Qaida in my entire life…I actually arranged for myself to be stabbed in the shoulder, sorry, in my arm and in my back because I knew if I said I had been attacked Shiv was going to ask for some proof so basically I stabbed myself…you know, it was just part of the whole scam.”

Butt also admitted that contrary to his past statements, he had never met, let alone had tea with the ringleader of the 7/7 attacks, Mohammed Siddique Khan.

The final word is with the aforesaid Cohen, who says Hassan Butt holds:

“…an almost patriotic belief in the best values of Britain.”

Such as calling the police Nazis and getting into a row over parking. Cohen has a point…

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