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Jessica Simpson Is No Indian Giver

by | 30th, July 2009

jessica-simpson4JESSCIA Simpson says she will not take back the $100,000 boat she gave her ex-lover Tomy Romo because she’s not an “Indian giver“. UK readers may wonder what an Indian giver is, believing it’s what follows a dodgy Indian take-away.

It turns out that Indian giver is a phrase that can cause outrage, and in the media maelstrom, the voracious clamour of victimhood, being outraged is the natural state of play.

Jessica’s words will soon be known as Giver-Gate or Jessica-Gate. The phrase will be banned by the culture police, and Simpson investigated for a hate crime in a huge war of words that seek to establish the new code.

Pundits will wonder what if anything is going on inside Simpson’s head and tell her to stop thinking it. Hang the context and the meaning. Then hang Simpson.

US Magazine reports:

Jacqueline L. Pata, executive director of the National Congress of American Indians, tells Simpson isn’t the only person who uses the word in a derogatory sense. The concept of Indians giving and sharing with one another is where the term originated, she explains, but has somehow morphed into an insensitive phrase that stereotypes Native people as ones who give and then take back. “Most people flippantly use the comment ‘Indian giver’ without realizing its true meaning…”

So Simpson has casued offence to a vested interest group. Although we do note that she did not say “Red Indian giver”, “Native American Giver” nor “Paki giver“, “Gollywog giver” nor “Sheeny giver” nor “white trash giver“. We leave you to ponder which of those is more offensive .

We’d offer odds on which is the most terrible, but you’d only welsh on the bet…

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