Anorak News | Swine Flu Drug Tamiflu Gives Children Nightmares

Swine Flu Drug Tamiflu Gives Children Nightmares

by | 31st, July 2009

swine-flu6HEY, kids, listen up: the swine flu drug Tamiflu gives you nightmares. So what’s it to be, kids: growing a snout and dying squealing like a pig or nightmares of the most terrible kind?

Research by the Health Protection Agency says swine flu can also make you behave strangely and feel sick. Sick with fear. It’s all there in the Eurosurveillance, a journal of disease.

Oh, and if the Tamiflu terrors don’t get you, you’ll experience visions of being mauled by rampaging polar bears fleeing global warming.

On a brighter now, why not make your swine flu party a zombie-themed event?

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