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How Barack Obama Became Tony Blair

by | 31st, July 2009

obama-blairANORAK readers may have noticed that Barack Obama – the most over-promoted man since Prince Edward became Seconder of the First Windsor Cubs – is mutating into Tony Blair.

The big news in the US is not the recession or the wars but Obama, who reacts to it all by allowing the media to set his agenda, sitting down with police Sgt Crowley (white) whose wrongful arrest of Professor Henry Gates (black) triggered a media shit storm and caused Obama to call the police “stoopid” (Biden: white).

And so the nodding heads begin the big debate: peanuts or pistachios: pork rinds or pretzels; half pints or full pints; larger or beer; Big Ears or Noddy; Toby Jug or Steiner…

In the mess rooms, police officers wonder why Crowley was so restrained and didn’t shoot Gates in the face; black groups also wonder why Gates was not shot in the face. What’s so special about him? There is much debate.

And all the while Obama is in the centre, the kernel-in-chief, the celebrity leader being all things to all mankind and knowing that right is on his side. Like Tony:

Tony popped out for a photo opportunity with a mug of tea in his had; Obama sips a bear

Tony showed off his love for his wife – going as far as impregnating Cherie in office; Obama has dirty weekends away in New York and garden strolls

Tony wears his God on his sleave; at the annual National Prayer Breakfast in Washington, Obama lavished praise on Blair, who was the principal speaker

Tony Blair’s second in command was dumbling bolt John Prescott; the US is but a heartbeat away from hailing President Biden

Tony said “Things Can Only Get Better”; Obama pushed through a gigantic stimulus package because things can only get better

Tony wants to be celebrity and ruled Britannia PLC; Obama woos celebs and looks to play himself in the film of the man

Tony Blair was the open-necked embodiment of the new century; During the past few months, I’ve seen a lot of celebrities wearing suits and dress shirts minus neckties, including the president. The Italianate term for this style is crapioso…

Both men converted to more popular relgions

During his tenure, Blair the peacenik waged five wars.

Over to you, Obama…

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