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Michael Jackson Linked To Death Of Tortured Child

by | 1st, August 2009

jackson-babyMICHAEL Jackson Watch: Baby P’s mum tells of the Michael Jackson she knew…

TABLOID Bingo time again, readers, as the Sun sets out to link Baby P with the death of Michael Jackson. Can it be done? Oh, ye, of little faith:

THE mother who callously let her baby die tells how she wept . . . over news of Michael Jackson’s death. She claims to have loved the pop star as a little girl but adds: “I was c**p at the dance move.”

How dare she sully the good name of Jackson, the King of Peados Pop with her sulphurous tears?

She writes: “I watched the memorial service (but turned over for EastEnders – yes, I’m a b**ch). The part that made me cry was when his daughter spoke, that broke me and the tears kept coming for hours.”

Bay P. Baby Paris. Empathy is all. Says Baby P’s mum: “When Michael Jackson died I was watching EastEnders…”

“I started crying for Michael and ended up crying for everything that has gone wrong in my life… I loved Michael Jackson when I was little, I used to love his music a lot. When the night officer said he had passed away I did not believe her as Michael Jackson and dead don’t fit together in a sentence.”

Baby P and Michael Jackson were once words that did not fit in the same sentence but the Sun has managed to link them in a work of literature. You need to keep an open mind on these things.

She adds:

“It is a shame he has gone and I hate all this speculation about is he really the father of the kids, so what if he isn’t – he is the one that raised them and that is all that really matters!”

The sick irony that it was Baby P’s step-father than sadistically abused him.

The the Sun has found a new angle on the Michael Jackson story – and that is all that really matters…

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