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Michael Jackson Was Addicted To Scientology

by | 1st, August 2009

jackson-scientologyMICHAEL Jackson Watch: Anorak’s at-a-glance look at Michael Jackson in the news, with Jackson the drug “addict”, the death bed and the Church Of Scientology…

The Scotsman: “Jackson described as an ‘addict'”

Now he’s dead you can describe him however you like…

AUTHORITIES investigating Michael Jackson’s death referred to him as an “addict” and were seeking evidence related to the powerful anaesthetic propofol, according to search warrants.

The Western Australian: “Scientologists behind Jackson’s marriage to Lisa Marie.”

Among other contentious claims, Unmasked: The Final Years of Michael Jackson also provides further details of the king of pop’s alleged gay lovers…

In one chapter, Halperin hints that Jackson’s marriage to Elvis’ daughter and Scientology follower Lisa Marie Presley may have been organised by the Church of Scientology.

The marriage was labelled as a sham but both parties always denied it was a fake affair set up to improve the singer’s reputation soon after a child molestation case was settled for $US20 million ($24.49 million).

The religion had apparently wanted to desperately recruit the mega-rich singer and perhaps help him overcome his alleged homosexuality, Halperin said.

Such are the facts.

Examiner: Omer Bhatti is not my son – but he is my grandson…

Reports of Michael Jackson’s “secret” son, Omer Bhatti, have been swirling the internet for the past couple of weeks, but with new information, the story has gotten hot once more.

The Village Voice: “‘The Be Yourself Tribute to Michael Jackson with Danny Tenaglia'”

If you haven’t found yourself dancing to Michael Jackson a dozen times during the last few weeks, you don’t get out enough.

NewsDay: “Choosing a guardian can be a couple’s hardest task”

The husband and wife went back and forth, back and forth. Yet however long they talked, they couldn’t agree on who should take care of their young kids if, heaven forbid, something happened to both of them. And so they made an unusual agreement, according to their lawyer: If the children were orphaned in an even-numbered year, the guardian would be the wife’s choice, from her family. And if it happened in an odd-numbered year, it would be the husband’s choice, from his side.

Such a compromise is certainly odd, but it shows what an emotionally fraught process it is to choose a legal guardian for one’s children. It’s a procedure that’s getting renewed attention these days because of the battle over Michael Jackson’s children. But it’s something with which ordinary parents also struggle.

Mangalorean: Jim Reeves & me.

The tribute to Jim Reeves was adeptly organized by the Mangalore Ladies Circle with the proceeds all committed to charity…

Max Karkada’s voice has an uncanny resemblance to Jim Reeves’ and years of perfecting the songs, has made his voice an almost exact replica of Jim Reeves.

A surprise addition to the evening was a moving rendition of  Heal the World’ by Michael Jackson, where children and adults alike lit up candles and swayed to the tunes of the song.  An apt tribute to the King of Pop who recently passed away.


Victoria Ward reads the internet:

Michael Jackson spent his last night in his doctor’s bed, not his own, it was claimed yesterday.

Us website TMZ claim that the singer used Dr Conrad Murray’s room to take the powerful anaesthetic Propofol each night because he did not want people going into his room.

Do you think Jackson was poorly? And get me the death bed for the Neverland theme park.

ET Online: “La Toya Jackson: Keeping Michael’s Legacy Alive”

La Toya Jackson is dedicated to keeping brother Michael Jackson’s legacy alive, and she’s doing her part with a new Public Service Announcement in an ET exclusive…

“I’m here to ask you to keep my brother Michael’s dream alive,” says La Toya. “

The deam where he’s being eaten by a giant ice-cream?

A dream where there’s no discrimination, a dream where people are not suffering from the HIV or AIDS virus.

More of a hope than a dream. Let’s keep it real, people…

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