Anorak News | Super Firebreathing Asian Ants Invade Britain

Super Firebreathing Asian Ants Invade Britain

by | 1st, August 2009

7657985THE super ants have taken over at Hidcote Manor, near Chipping Camden, Gloucestershire. What are their demands? Sky News has more:

The Asian super ant can form super-colonies with many queens and interconnected nests spreading over a hectare.

Super ants with super colonies and super queens that form super nests over a super hectare of super Great Britain! But Lasius neglectus can be stopped.

Super news:

Like American Fire Ants, they are also fatally drawn to electric currents, which make them produce a pheromone that attracts other ants.

Even superer news:

“The ants themselves pose little direct threat to us as they don’t bite people or pets,”

But this can’t be a media scare story unless there is some super scary news:

Swarms of ants around electric cables can cause blackouts and can even be a fire risk.

Although, if you like your ants flame grilled…

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