Anorak News | Katie Price’s ‘Strangled’ Sex And Jilted Lover

Katie Price’s ‘Strangled’ Sex And Jilted Lover

by | 2nd, August 2009

katie-price8HAVING heard Jordan, aka Katie Price, tell the world via OK! magazine that she is “off men” and dating no-one, the News of the World brings a flurry of stories about her, er, boyfriend.

The Jilted Lover:

JORDAN’S SECRETS: Boxer’s cheated girlfriend hits out – That cruel woman wrecked my life

JORDAN was last night accused of STEALING her new cage fighter lover – by the woman he planned to WED. Loyal Marie Thornett revealed fame-hungry mauler and small-time actor Alex Reid was actually texting HER messages of undying love while Jordan was seducing HIM with her glamour model charms.

“Loyal Marie”, you see, is not fame-hungry in talking to the press – she just wants to set the record straight…

“Alex was supposed to be with me in Spain, instead he was groping her in a nightclub. We planned to spend the rest of our lives together and now it’s in ruins-thanks to Jordan.”

“Loyal Marie” should not put too much stock in getting friendly with Jordan in a club. But what else of “Loyal Marie”?

Marie insisted she and Reid, 34, were seriously preparing for marriage despite a tempestuous decade together with several break-ups, including one where she had a son with another man in 2006.

The Sex: “Katie Price’s hunk was sex mad, reveals ex-lover.”

This ex-lover turns out not to be “Loyal Marie” but Danielle Sims, who can be seen dressed in her knickers and cradling her chest:

Danielle Sims says cage-fighter Alex Reid liked to strangle her and make her call him “Master” during wild S&M sessions…

The accusation is that Reid, a cage fighter by trade, takes his work home with him:

“Alex got off on rough sex. He liked to put his hands around my throat in a stranglehold and say, ‘Who’s the master? Who’s the daddy?’ He would then tell me I was never going to sleep with anyone else but him.

“All the time, he had his hands round my throat in a grip. Sometimes I’d have to cough or shake my head furiously before he’d release me but it never got to the point where I’d actually pass out.”

Readers are treated to a picture of Reid with his hands around Danielle’s throat. And a potted history fo Reid and Simm’s sex life:

KEPT an arsenal of sex and fetish gear including vibrators, bondage tape, gimp mask, ball-shaped gag and one bizarre kinky contraption he strapped to his forehead.
MADE her put a sex toy in her underwear which he would activate by remote-control when they were out in public.
LUSTED after her in public, even romping with her in a Debenhams changing room and at Alton Towers.

Anorak had long supposed that Kate I and Peter split up becsue they ran out of sex positions. Had only they not gone to America but to Alton Towers or Debenhams they would possibly be together now.

Katie Price has suspected swine flu.

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