Anorak News | Michael Jackson’s Death Bed Pictures And Secret Funeral

Michael Jackson’s Death Bed Pictures And Secret Funeral

by | 2nd, August 2009

jackson-funeral-coffinMICHAEL Jackson Watch: Anorak’s at-a-glance look at Michael Jackson in the news – Jackson’s death bed, Jackson’s shroud and Jackson’s drugs…

NOTW: PSST! Wanna see Michael Jackson’s “deathbed photo”?

In a “world exclusive photo” in today’s News of the World, readers are seduced by the chance to see a man dead on a bed.

Showbiz is escapism from the rigours of life. Turn away from pictures of dead soldiers being repatriated, cancer victims and the swine flu pox to see the King of Pop dead on a bed.

So here’s the picture. But where’s Jackson? It turns out that this is a picture of the bed Jackson died on. And this is not all. You want sensation – you sure you can handle the sensation?

The photo shows where the King of Pop’s personal physician Dr Conrad Murray spent up to 25 minutes trying to resuscitate him – first on the bed, then on the rug-covered wooden floor – after the star was taken ill.

Yeah Wacko Jacko was into rugs. And wooden floors. And beds. What. A. Nutter.

“…last night Los Angeles County Coroner Lieutenant Fred Corral confirmed to us: “That IS the scene where Michael Jackson died.”

This is wooden floor. This is a rug. This is a wall. These are:

ALCOHOL PREPARATION PADS used for cleaning the skin before drug injections, a roll of SURGICAL TAPE and a box of disposable LATEX GLOVES. On the bedside table is a large landline PHONE.

A Fone?

It isn’t known if this is the one used by bodyguard Alberto Alvarez to dial 911 when his boss failed to respond to Murray’s efforts.

And there’s Jackson. It’s his pillow case shroud:

The duvet is pulled to one side and, incredibly, there is still a slight DENT made by dying Jacko’s head in the plumped-up pillow, up against the ornate gold-painted headboard.

BBC: “Michael Jackson’s other funeral”

A “funeral” for pop star Michael Jackson has been taking place in the village of Krindjabo, where he was crowned a prince of the Anyi people on a visit to the country in 1992. The village has been in mourning since his death on 25 June.

The villagers appealed without success to have the body returned, but since his official funeral in Los Angeles they have decided he also needs to be properly buried according to the customs in the Sanwi kingdom.

Jackson was also made King of Anorak Towers, and we expect his pillow case shroud to be housed in the crypt. It being what he would have wanted.

Sunday People: “Michael Jackson high as a kite on his drugs when he did Thriller says producer”

Pop star takes drugs? Never! It’s too far-fetched. No. Never!

Bruce Swedien said: “The doctors would frequently travel with Michael to the recording studio. I noticed that Michael’s eyes would change after the doctor had been there. He would get these big round pupils. It was obvious they had given him something.”

Or dimmed the lights.

Sunday Mirror: “My cuddles at Neverland”

The last-ever young visitor to stay at Neverland has revealed a bizarre world where the superstar’s pet elephants roamed the grounds and were washed in a lake every morning. In 2003 budding singer Nisha Kataria, then 17, was invited to the ranch after Jacko heard a demo of her music and asked her to record a duet with him.

A 17-year-old girl? Is this the same Jackson we knew?

“The very first time I met Michael he was very friendly. Prince and Paris were in the room and they were about to shake my hand, when Michael said: ‘No, we don’t shake hands in this family – we give hugs’, so they all gave me a hug.” Nisha, now 23, confirmed that the boy rumoured to be Jackson’s fourth child, Omer Bhatti, was also living at Nev-erland at the time. She says: “Omer was always smiling. He was a friendly boy.”

Young, friendly boy. That’s more in keeping with the Jackson narrative.

Mirror: “MUM: My torment:”

The torment of Michael Jackson’s mother can be laid bare today… she is haunted by the belief she could have prevented her son’s death.

Jackson’s mum upset about son’s death – read all about it.

Family friend Kevin McLin, who knew Michael for 34 years, told the Sunday Mirror that Katherine is arranging for the singer’s first two children to meet their birth mother Debbie Rowe.

Katherine has agreed to allow her visiting rights but she will be introduced as “Miss Debbie” rather than “Mom”, Mommy or Mother

McLin said: “Debbie hasn’t had contact with the kids for years so they will see a counsellor to talk them through it before they see her. Prince Michael has taken his father’s death the worst. He used to go everywhere with Michael – to business meetings and the studios. He is kind of quiet, but they are all seeing a therapist and Paris lets her emotions out, which is good.”

Send for the therapists. The King of Pop is dead…

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