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Michael Jackson’s Body Bag And Morgue Pictures

by | 4th, August 2009

michael-jackson-morgueMICHAEL Jackson Watch: Anorak’s at-a-glance look at Michael Jackson in the news – a look at Jackson’s morgue, Debbie Rowe “sues” TMZ and art…

Sky News: “Jackson Body Given ‘Prestige’ At Morgue”

An investigator who witnessed Michael Jackson’s post-mortem has told Sky News his body was treated with “more prestige” than other bodies.

The cashmere body bag? The monwalking morticians? The testimony of one Lieutenant David Smith, who delivers his Jackson & Me:

“If anything, just for his own privacy and protection. He was kept very much under lock and key.”

The protection we get – ghouls and souvenir hunters are everywhere. Look what they did to Napoleon. If the memerobilia business gets hold of Jackson, they’ll be a nose in every Hard Rock Café from LA to Baghdad. But the part about Jackson’s body needing prvacy is harder to fathom. He was, after all, dead, right?

On TV, Sky has a report from the morgue. Now you can see where Jackson was cut up.

Daily Mirror: “It wasn’t natural… something happened”

Katherine Jackson, 79, broke her silence as she was granted permanent custody of his three children. In an emotional phone interview with US talk show host Geraldo Rivera, she said: “All I know is my son is dead – and I don’t think he died of natural causes or whatever. He’s too young to have that. Something happened. I don’t know what it was. And I can’t say.”

Not to worry, Katherine, because the Sun’s investigators do know. And they have solved the case and told all.

Washington Post: “Michael Jackson, Revisited but Not Revealed”

Did the great flood of words unleashed in the 40 days and 40 nights since the passing of the King of Pop offer new insight into this legend, this plastic surgery disaster, this voice of a generation, this drug-addled man-child? Or was the eulogizing without point or purpose, a rehash of the same stale gossip and well-known stories just to fill airtime and column inches?

Michael Jackson, dead at 50, demands a new vocabulary. If Greil Marcus can make Bob Dylan the standard-bearer of American myth in “Invisible Republic” and Nick Tosches can make Jerry Lee Lewis a Gothic antihero in his unforgettable “Hellfire,” the rock bio can transcend mere reportage. What writer will now sit down, set aside armchair psychobabble and offer up a real Michael Jackson?

Certainly not J. Randy Taraborrelli…

PR Inside: “Dr Conrad Smiling Face Hides”

Behind the easy going smile on Michael Jackson’s personal doctor’s face looks an entirely different person?

Jackson’s personal physician and cardiologist, Dr Conrad Murray has an easy winning smile that most people would be happy to trust. The kind of person you would feel confident trusting your life to.

When authorities raided the offices of Dr Murray, however, the investigation into the events surrounding Michael Jackson’s death, took a dramatic turn. The King of Pop’s death would seem to be escalating into a manslaughter case.

Dr Conrad Murray is innocent. But he seems to be the subject of much defamation and libel.

Showbiz 411: “TMZ to be Sued by Two Jackson Players”

Two players in the Michael Jackson saga are getting ready to sue website TMZ. The accusation: that Harvey Levin’s information gatherers obtained a “scoop” from stolen materials found in the files of the Santa Barbara Sheriff’s Department.

Debbie Rowe, the mother of Michael Jackson’s two eldest children, and Marc Schaffel, Jackson’s former business partner, have already had several email exchanges with the TMZ lawyers through their attorney, Howard King.

Not too rare for media organs to be sued and threatened with being sued, so what’s the story?

Among the issues: whether or not TMZ, which has paid for interview materials in the past, bought the clip from the Santa Barbara Sheriff’s Department.

Tabloid pays for information? Never!

He also wrote: “One can only surmise that a government official was compensated to alert TMZ to the existence of video still in the possession of the County Sheriff…”

The accusation:

The problems began just three days earlier, on July 24th, when TMZ’s attorney, Jason Beckerman, admitted in an email to King that the video clip had indeed been obtained from the Sheriff’s Department. He wrote in an email to King that the clip was simply found in ”the publicly accessible files of the Sheriff’s Department,” and that no one directed TMZ to it or helped them find it.

Six days later, Beckerman changed his mind. He wrote to King in a second email on July 30th: “My earlier comments on this subject were inaccurate. TMZ did not, in fact, obtain the DVD in question from the Santa Barbara County Sheriff Department’s files.”

Following Jackson’s acquittal, all those materials that formed the evidence from the child molestation trial were supposed to have been returned to the people from which they taken, or destroyed.

The video clip has removed from the TMZ website. But what about this for a conclusion:

As for TMZ, they’re part of the Time Warner empire through its syndication arm, Telepictures, and not subject to the same journalistic rules applied to Time Warner’s magazines such as Time or People.

Why not?

HuffPo: “The New York Times reports that the owners of the famous Brett-Livingstone Strong portrait of Jackson, the only portrait for which he actually posed for, are trying to sell it while the market is hot.”

Michael Jackson RIP – but not yet…

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