Anorak News | Over A Million Death Threats Made Against Barack Obama

Over A Million Death Threats Made Against Barack Obama

by | 4th, August 2009

obama-death1THE Barack Obama Death Cult issues 30 death threats a day. Hoodies are selling well. Anorak has documented the Death Cult threats in the media, and they can be read here.

The mainstream media loves the Barack Obama Death Cult. And now Ronald Kessler says in his book In the President’s Secret Service that since Obama became president threats against the office have increased by 400 per cent.

President George W. Bush garnered around 3,000 death threats a year, not including those from the media. That’s 1.2 million death threats. That sure is a lot of theatening.

Obama’s Secret Service codename is Renegade, although Anorak’s learns that he might also be known as “Bullseye”, “Blue-On-Blue” and “Duck”.

And these threats are deadly serious, sort of.

Just last month, Californian Walter Bagdasarian was found guilty on two counts of making a threat against a major candidate for president.

The court heard that Secret Service agents linked Bagdasarian’s home computer to messages posted on a Yahoo! Finance message board. “He will have a 50 cal in the head soon,” one message read, while another used a racial epithet.

Elsewhere in the book, we learn:

Bill Clinton, the People’s President. He shook people’s hand wherever he went, in restaurants, on the street, but unfortunately this also made him late to meetings. He only hurried to an appointment once – to meet his wife Hillary after she found out about his affair with Monica Lewinsky.

But it’s not about the sex – leave that to the Europeans. Being President of the USA is all about the death:

In this headline-grabbing book, Kessler discloses assassination attempts that have never before been revealed. He shares inside accounts of past assaults that have put the Secret Service to the test, including a heroic gun battle that took down the would-be assassins of Harry S. Truman, the devastating day that John F. Kennedy was killed in Dallas, and the swift actions that saved Ronald Reagan after he was shot.

As yet no-one has fired a bullett at Barack Obama…but the media seems to be daring them to…

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