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Manchester Woolworths Fire Kills 10 In Entertaining Fire

by | 4th, August 2009

fire-wooliesAT the Odiham fire show, Hampshire, the firemen have recreated the 1979 burning of a Manchester Woolworth’s in which 10 people died.

Perhaps this time the 10 people trapped inside the inferno will be saved?

The Woolworth’s store is not a real store – if only a use could be found for them – but a construction of pallets and painted on metal covering the windows.

Says one firewatcher:

“A chap came out with a microphone and said he was the manager of Woolworths and that he was worried he wouldn’t get his fire safety certificate because of the bars on the windows.

“The next thing you know the whole thing has gone up in flames and fire engines have come to put the fire out. The kids loved it but a lot of the adults who could remember what had happened thought it was in poor taste.”

Kids love fires. Every November, the loveable rascals get to put an effigy of a Catholic atop a tower of burning wood and tyres and tramps and set it alight. The fire brigade them come to out it out, although it is often too late to save the Papist.

The Manchester Evening News learns of the incident in a field and invites former store worker Steve Wood, 50, who survived the blaze, to be outraged and offended:

“It sounds absolutely disgusting and beggars belief. A disgrace. It was horrendous that day. And it appears as though they have laid the blame at the door of the store manager which is just wrong.”

Thanks to the caring MEN, Mr Wood gets to relive the horrors. And so can you – with pictures…

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