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Australian ‘Suicide Bombers’ Not Muslim

by | 4th, August 2009

al-qaeda1AN alleged plot in to kill by suicide bombs in Australia is exposed. How does the mainstream media respond? Well:

As Tim Blair notes, “The four men are of Somali and Lebanese background. All hold Australian citizenship. They are said to be followers of Islamist terror organisation al-Shabaab, about whom warnings have previously been issued.”

Somali Community in Victoria spokesman Abdurahman Osman says he’s been warning about the rise of terror groups in Australia for years.

He told Radio 3AW this morning that he had raised the prospect of a terror attack in Australia at least 10 times over the past three years on community radio broadcasts, because of the activities of al-Shabaab around the world.

Sky News: A blonde correspondent from Down Under says al-Shabaab are a new outfit and “nothing” is known about them. (See above.)

BBC: On BBC Radio 4 the chatter manages to not once mention that the alleged bombers are Muslims.

Australian police have arrested four people in the city of Melbourne after uncovering what they say was a plot to launch a terrorist attack. Peter Lentini, director of the Global Terrorism Project at Monash University, discusses whether the fact that the suspects are Australian nationals of Somali and Lebanese descent is a surprise.

ABC: “Suicide attack plot alleged: 5 held”

Not one mention that the alleged bombers were Islamists or even Muslims. Why not? Is it good reporting to omit this fact? News has been replaced by views in the old media.

Anne Barrowclough in Sydney sums up:

As one man appeared in a Melbourne court charged with plotting a suicide attack on army bases and more charges were expected, a people more used to attacks by sharks than jihadists are having to face the fact that radical Islam is alive and growing on home soil.

Such are the facts…

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