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Michael Jackson’s New Single

by | 5th, August 2009
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jackson-bubbles1MICHAEL Jackson Watch: Anorak’s at-a-glance look at Michael Jackson in the news – Jackson film, Jackson XBox, lighters, Jackon’s new single and Chris Brown is the new Michael Jackson…

Daily Mirror: “Michael Jackson insurers thought glowing medical examination for tour must have been on ‘the body of a Nasa astronaut’”

The media introduces another doctor into the fray:

Dr David Slavit’s examination results were handed to the insurers of Jackson’s planned 50 O2 concerts. But officials were surprised Jackson passed the medical, despite a history of health problems. It left finance chiefs joking that the examination must have been based on, “the body of a Nasa astronaut” rather than the 50-year-old star…

Buzz Aldrin is fighting fit.

Meanwhile, Anorak in-house doctor can reveal: “Michael Jackson was not well when he died!”

SF Gate: “Deals could bring more Jackson products”

Michael Jackson products could start appearing on store shelves, cell phones, even in X-Box add-ons if a judge signs off on a merchandising deal. The current administrators of the singer’s estate have presented several proposed contracts to a probate judge for approval. The agreements offer a taste of how the King of Pop may be sold in the coming months and years.


Trading cards, T-shirts, calendars, lighters, stuffed animals that play Jackson’s music and games are among the tangible items being considered. So too are denim products and high-end clothing lines, according to the filings.

Look out for the official Michael Jackson syringe, pop-up Jackson-in-the-box coffin and vial of air harvested from the Jackson death bedroom…

PA News: “Film plan for Jacko show rehearsals”

Plans are under way for a full-length feature film filled with footage of Michael Jackson’s last rehearsals. The film would come with all the elements of a major studio release: product tie-ins, merchandising and even a director’s cut and special editions.

Then the TV show, the cartoon, each episode ending with a Scoobie Do-style finale in which a felonious doctor pulls off a Jackson mask and says, “Why, if it hadn’t have been for you fiddling kids…”


MICHAEL JACKSON’s family will benefit from the release of a movie featuring rehearsal footage from the superstar’s doomed comeback shows – they’re set to net 90 per cent of its profits.

The working title is “Taste”.


Jermaine Jackson’s rendition of SMILE he performed at his brother Michael’s memorial service is set to rocket up the charts – officials acting for the King Of Pop have asked a judge to approve its release.

Telegraph: “Bubbles the chimp to ‘publish’ tell-all memoir about Michael Jackson”

Mr Blake said: “Behind his seemingly-perfect life of glamorous friends, gold-plated tyre swings, and personal chefs, there is a dark history of medical experiments, addiction and loss. But Bubbles has fought against his personal and professional problems and, with his help of man-pet Michael Jackson, he has grown to become bigger than King Kong—figuratively speaking.”

OnlyGizmos: “Hedonometer measures ‘Happyness’”

Hedonometer or the ‘Happiness Meter’ is a device that measures the level of happiness amongst the blogger and twitter users.

A study of about 10 million of these sentences have concluded that the happiest days in the recent years are the election day (Nov.4) and President Obama’s Inauguration day (Jan.20) when people generally used the words like ‘proud’ and ‘pride’. The saddest days have been the 9/11 anniversary and Michael Jackson’s death.

Michael Jackson’s death was the proudest moment of Old Mr Anorak’s funeral watching career.

Indian Express: “Chris Brown makes a come back with Jackson imitation”

The ‘Kiss Kiss’ star joined Wayne and his Young Money crew onstage for their new song ‘Every Girl’ during their concert in Virginia on Sunday, his first ever live performance since his February arrest, Femalefirst reported.

The 20-year-old R&B singer showed off his fancy footwork when he moonwalked across the stage, as Wayne told the crowd, “Y’all make some noise for the new Michael!

Michael Jackson – he lives!


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