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Gerard Butler Marries Jennifer Aniston In OK!

by | 5th, August 2009
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7669779OK! Wednesday: Jordan comes clean, Steven Gerrard’s privacy, Patsy Kensit’s latest husband, Cheryl’s Cole weight secrets and Gerard Butler marries Jennifer Aniston…

Jordan Is No Longer Off Men

One week on from telling OK! readers that she is “off men”, Jordan tells OK! readers:

“I’m dating Alex but I’m no cheat.”

As ever this is billed as a “WORLD EXCLUSIVE”, and it will be news to those OK! readers who haven’t read the tabloids the past week or more in which Katie Price has been spotted with her new lover.

In Katie’s “DEAR JORDAN” agony aunt page, the aid to masturbation says:

“Everyone I get photographed with at the moment I’m supposedly sleeping with! But I can confirm I’m seeing Alex Reid and no one else.”

So she wasn’t lying when she said she was “off men”. She is “off men”, but “on man”.


Butler is doing the rounds promoting his film The Ugly Truth. He says he is marrying Jennifer Aniston “next Tuesday.. then on Saturday, I’m marrying Cameron Diaz, Joan Rivers will be the next weekend.”

No sooner does Aniston have her man then he leaves her. It was ever so.

Cheryl Cole – the star reveals the truth about her weight.

OK! Are you on a diet?
Cheryl: No.

Seven Gerard Alex Gerrard send a boast card from the Algarve

A self-professed ‘really private couple’” Stevis G and Alex pose with the kids in their private villa, in the pool, privately.

It’s really private once we’re in the villa. When we’re here we want to be left alone,” says Stevie G to OK! magazine as he sits at the dining table with glass of wine.

Patsy Kesnsit – At home with Patsy Kensit and her new husband Jeremy Healy.

Says Patsy, as OK! readers look around their London home and hear Jeremy tell them of the typical day – waking at 7am etc -, the Sunday lunches and more:

He’s a very private man…”

More private moments in next week’s OK!.

Pictures from The Ugly Truth premiere

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