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Jack Tweed Launches Dice Glamour Modelling

by | 5th, August 2009

sam-griersonMISSION impossible to turn Jack Tweed, Mr Jade Goody, into a person of interest continues apace as ex-lag partakes in “NAKED frolics and a game of STRIP POKER.”

That Tweed did so in the privacy of his house is his first error. The rules of tabloid dictate that first Tweed must be seen getting to know the women in an Essex club before falling into a taxi, as the gels tumble from their clothes.

The Sun takes up the nettle and bills Tweed as a “club promoter”. The club Tweed seems to be promoting is Faces, the Essex haunt to snapper and slapper. And having introduced us earlier to mo-del Lisa O’Connor, Jack now showcases the talents of:

Sam Grierson – aka “SEXY Sam Grierson… winner of the Miss Middlesbrough title” and knicker model
Roxy Townsend – another mo-del
Biannca Lake – a former stripper and mo-del

Tweed is becoming a conduit to glamour modelling, and more. As the Daily Star trills:

Blonde bombshell Roxy, of Hertford, says she and brunette pals Sam Grierson, 21, and Biannca Lake, 22, have formed a girl group called Dice – and have been picking playboy Jack’s brain over the pitfalls of fame.

Picking Jack’s brains must be like a fairground Grab It Machine, the picker hoping that after repeated attempts at working the bendy arm something other than air can be retrieved.

Back in the Sun:

After being seen snogging him, Sam said she was just his cousin… Later a source close to the girls said they had been told by Jack’s agent to say Sam was a cousin “to put Jack in the clear”.

Indeed, nothing like snogging your cousin to show you in better light.

Meanwhile, Jack Tweed Modelling Promoter moves on…

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