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Susan Boyle’s Harper’s Bazaar Interview In Pictures And Video

by | 5th, August 2009
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susan-boyle-11SOURCES tell us that when confronted with the mighty talent that is Susan Boyle, Michael Jackson knew the game was up.

When Jackson gamely stepped aside, Susan Boyle became the world’s foremost entertainer. And now in Susan Boyle, Unsung Hero she gives her first “major magazine interview” to Harper’s Bizarre Bazaar.

Susan Boyle is at Cliveden, resisting the urge to pose in the manner of Christine Keeler, preferring to remain dressed in new clothes, her face painted and her back resting against the chair support. Boyle is styled to look regal. Says Boyle:

“It does feel unreal. It will take a bit of adjusting to because I’ve led a sheltered life, I know. I’ve got life experience, but mentally I have to adjust. But it’s all good. All good.”

All good. All good. All good. All good. Yes, Susan. Do you hear me, Susan. All is good Susan. It is all good….

Did you enjoy it, Susan?

“Come on! It goes without saying. Come on now! When you sing a song, you’re telling a story. That’s what I was doing when I sang ‘I Dreamed a Dream.’ But that wasn’t me singing about becoming a singer. It was about the position I was in after my mother died.”

4390256We have now heard the story of Susan Boyle’s life so many times it has turned into a parable, available in 178 languages and as an apocrypha to the New Talent Bible.

Harper’s hack ponders:

Despite her newfound fame, there are a lot of things Susan Boyle doesn’t do. She doesn’t go on holiday or go out much. She isn’t into fashion or gourmet food. She isn’t married, doesn’t have children, and hasn’t seen the world.

But she has picked up the American vernacular:

“YouTube?” Boyle says when I ask her how it felt to be the subject of the most hits ever. “What’s that? A tube of candy? I don’t think so!”

Candy? She means sweets.

She laughs; Boyle laughs a lot in the flesh. “That was a shock,” she continues. “The YouTube thing was like a demolition ball. It was just overwhelming — to find TV stations camped outside your door and the phone ringing 24 hours a day.”

A demolition ball? That’s how Boyle described her fame on the Today show. Readers may feel the dead hand of PR and marketing department on her shoulder.

Today Boyle is professional to the nth degree. The hours of posing on her feet? “Not a problem.” The lack of a lunch choice that she likes? “Oh, never mind.” The fun of hair and makeup and dressing up in beautiful clothes? “You know me; I’ll go along with anything.”

All is good, Susan… And then:

Talk of Michael Jackson inevitably arises, and Boyle moonwalks in the towering Giuseppe Zanotti heels she is wearing.

Boyle is No.1 now. She may even sing a song – but while bother? She’s done that twice already…

Pictures and video:

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