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Madeleine McCann: McCanns Consult With Victoria Beckham

by | 7th, August 2009

4708335MADELEINE McCann Watch: Anorak’s at-a-glance look at Madeleine McCann in the news – Madeleine McCann is missing and the celebrity face of Victoria Beckham is linked to her vanishing.

It’s The Third Summer of Our Maddie and four newspapers – The Sun, the Daily Mirror, the Daily Star and the Daily Express – all lead with the hunt a woman who looks a “bit like” Victoria Beckham”…

Daily Star (front page): “MADDIE: find yacht oz woman.”

She had a yacht with her? Well, no. She was Australian. Well, she might have been. She was a woman? Yes. Unless… Such are the facts.

A worldwide hunt was under way last night for a Posh Spice lookalike who cops believe could be linked to Madeleine McCann’s kidnapping.

No, not cops – private detectives who used to be cops.

This woman was seen pacing nervously up and down on the quayside outside the El Rey De La Gamba seafood restaurant in Barcelona’s trendy Port Olimpic district at 2am.


But six weeks ago he broke his silence and contacted private eyes hired by Madeleine’s doctor parents Kate and Gerry.

Not cops, then. Gerry and Kate McCann are still doctors. Facts.

The detectives travelled to Barcelona but were unable to unearth an innocent explanation for the mysterious conversation.

Why did they need to go to Barcelona? The man was on a stag do there. Do they now head to Australia? Metodo 3 do have offices in Barcelona. Metodo 3 are the McCanns’ former detectives who heard a Briton abroad say he had seen a person acting strangely, and who provided an image. To them Morocco was all.

When the McCanns saw an e-fit of the suspect they were stunned by her similarity to Posh. They even consulted the Beckhams before taking the decision to release the image. Last night 35-year-old Posh’s spokesman Jo Molloy said it was “inappropriate’’ for her to comment on the investigation because it was “nothing to do with the Beckhams’’.

Good idea to ask the Beckhams before releasing a picture of a person who could help find your missing child. Where was Victotria at the time? Does she have an alibi? Also, look at that photofit. Posh might have wanted the woman’s cheekbones thinned, her hair improved and the entire thing airbrushed in a golden glow.

But pals said the celebrity couple would “do anything they could’’ to help find the missing child. A friend said: “As loving parents themselves, they can only imagine the pain that Madeleine’s mum and dad must be going through with every passing day. They didn’t want to stand in the way of what could be an earth-shattering development in the case and could help bring Madeleine home.’’

Very understanding of them. Can you copyright a lookalike?

Daily Express (front page): “MADDIE HUNT FOR WOMAN”

“Are you here to deliver my new daughter – That’s what Victoria Beckham lookalike asked man at marina”


She asked a man she thought was a courier: “Are you here to deliver my new daughter? Have you got my daughter?”

As the British man stood bemused, the agitated woman went on: “Have you got her? Have you got the child?”

He approached her because she looked flustered and had been pacing up and down outside for ten minutes

She was frantic?

The British witness later bumped into her again at a neighbouring bar. A friend of his told investigators she had an Aussie accent.

So she was looking for Our Maddie in a bar? And the witness was in two bars?

Nine News (Aus): “’Child courier’ claims in Aussie Maddie hunt”

“The man approached the woman because she had been pacing… for three hours and looked upset.

Which is even more than ten minutes.

Daily Mirror (front page): “Have you got the child?”

Detectives searching for Madeleine McCann now believe she could have been swiftly shipped off to Barcelona after she was snatched from her parents’ apartment in Portugal…

You want more facts?

Mr Edgar added: “It’s a strong lead. Madeleine could have been in Barcelona by this point. The fact that the conversation took place near the marina could be significant. It is something we are looking at.”

Like the jetski theory? Did we ever find the Arab’s yacht?

The investigator and his colleague ex-Detective Sergeant Arthur Cowley say it is possible Madeleine, then three, was snatched to order from the resort of Praia da Luz on May 3 and smuggled on to a boat moored nearby. It could have made the 800 mile-odd trip around the Iberian coast to deliver her in Barcelona.

It’s a theory – much like the one that placed the child in Morocco.

“The woman is not a suspect but somebody we wish to speak to. She was most definitely on her own.”…

The woman who might have taken a child is “not a suspect”?

The witness who saw the mystery Posh lookalike has only recently come forward. The 41-year-old man, who is in a senior management job, had been on a stag weekend in the city. He kept silent initially because he was afraid his wife would think he had been chatting up the woman.

So why not call the police, who would have kept the thing secret? And if the sighting led to the child’s recovery, who cares what your wife thinks? In any case, you weren’t chatting up the Posh lookalike in the bar. You were coming to her aid.

Speaking on behalf of Madeleine’s parents Kate and Gerry McCann, Clarence Mitchell admitted new information linking an Australian woman to the case was vague.

The Age: “Madeleine investigation digs deeper”

But he suggested there was more to private detectives’ search Down Under than had been publicly announced. “We are not doing this in a complete vacuum,” Mr Mitchell said. “Anything that is done publicly is part of a wider picture. “There is other work going on in other directions, some of it perhaps in Australia, some of it perhaps in Portugal, other places too.”

Thanks for the update, Clarence.

There are no suspects. We do not know what crime, if any, has been committed. There are just three facts: The parents are innocent; Robert Murat is innocent; Madeleine McCann is missing..




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