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Jack Tweed Fights Booze By Opening A Bar

by | 7th, August 2009

7674228JACK Tweed is in conversation with the 3am girls, the Daily Mirror’s harpies.

The story so far: having pledged his undying love to Jade Goody, Tweed has been spending the time waiting to once more be in her arms by shagging and drinking and clubbing and kebabing – generally behaving like,well, Jade.

But Jack puts it all down to too much alcohol.

Don’t blame them. You’d need a few stiff ones before you got into a clinch with Our Jack. But it’s not just the ladies who are taking Crotch Courage.

As we put a comforting arm around him, Jack confessed: “It was stupid and I regret it. I need help before my drinking gets out of control. I turn to alcohol to hide the pain of losing Jade.

“When you drink you forget about the pain. I think about Jade non-stop…”

Thinks? He thinks? He thinks all the time. He was thinking about Jade as she climbed aboard Lisa O’Connor? What was he thinking – “I wish Jade had had an arse like yours”?

The Page Girl have met Tweed in his house but at the Nokia Skate Almighty, a venue for such luminaries of talent as Kimberly Stewart and Kelly Osbourne. It’s an event where Jack is seen clutching a bottle of cider. Says Jack:

“I get drunk and girls always seem to be around me in clubs – I don’t know why. I end up taking people back to mine for a party. I regret it and I’m going to have to get help for my alcohol problems.”

So what are your plans to beat the booze, Jack?

Jack believes he will sort it out – when he opens his own bar.

Of course, it  might be an alcohol free bar smelling smart drinks…






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