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Michael Jackson Buried in Las Vegas

by | 7th, August 2009

neverland2MICHAEL Jackson Watch: Anorak’s at-a-glance look at Michael Jackson in the news- Jackson burined in Las Vegas, La Toya has 100 news songs, malware, the Stasi, benzodiazepines and Miley Cyrus is dead…

CelebBuzz: “Neverland Ranch: Moving to Las Vegas?”

E! Online reports that plans are underway to move Michael Jackson’s former home, Neverland Ranch, from Santa Barbara, California, to Las Vegas so that it can become Sin City’s newest tourist attraction… adding a museum, theater, and a burial plot where fans could pay their respects to the fallen King of Pop.

Attractions include the Nosorium, the Moonwalk – a moving pavement taking less mobile Americans through Jackson’s life all the way to the burial slab which lights up as you touch it and at midnight opens to start the Werewolf Show.

“The idea is to take physically everything that’s not part of the dirt and reassemble it in Las Vegas,” a source reveals.

Daily WD: “Daily Buzz: Celebrity Death Rumors Are Getting Silly”

Following the week that three beloved celebrities actually did pass, Michael Jackson among them, a rumor that Miley Cyrus had died in a tragic car accident surfaced all over the Internet. While the whispers were quickly shushed, it didn’t stop people from typing in the search term and, consequently, giving sites like, who the rumors were reportedly linked back to, a boost in traffic/potential ad revenue. Here’s the original report:

Actress Miley Cyrus Died in Terrible Car Accident Teen star of the hit Disney television series “Hannah Montana” Miley Cyrus appears to have died in a tragic car accident…


Billboard: “New Michael Jackson Songs On Missing Hard Drives”

His sister LaToya has taken possession of computer hard drives that contain a trove of unreleased songs he recorded with A-list singers such as Ne-Yo, Akon, and of the Black Eyed Peas, according to Rolling Stone magazine.

La Toya Jackson has 100 songs that weren’t thought good enough to release as singles whan Jackson was alive?

KTLA: “Jackson Flag Tribute Sparks Controversy in Carson”

A seemingly innocent tribute to Michael Jackson turned into a bit of a headache for the mayor of Carson.

Jim Dear, 56, ordered the American flag outside City Hall lowered to half-staff on July 7 — the day of Jackson’s funeral — at the request of several younger interns.

The honor is one usually reserved for dead presidents, heroes and other prominent individuals.

So what could possibly have gone wrong? Jackson was the King of Pop, after all…

Turns out, the city law was not in compliance with the U.S. Flag code, which states that only dignitaries like presidents and governors can order flags lowered.

Complains made and:

As a result, the City Council passed legislation that strips the mayor of the ability to lower the American flag.

Mirfield Reporter: “Michael Jackson ‘given sedatives’”

Michael Jackson’s doctor gave the pop star multiple sedatives along with a powerful anaesthetic that the singer used to sleep, a law enforcement official has said. The official said Dr Conrad Murray administered benzodiazepines, which are often used to calm patients before surgery.

The official spoke on condition of anonymity because the investigation of Jackson’s death is ongoing.

Did you get that? The officer talks to the press but won’t give his name because – get this – he does not want to affect the investigation.

ITN: “Michael Jackson double fooled East German Stasi”

It appears that even the East German Stasi got caught up in the Michael Jackson hysteria of the late 1980s.

According to a document from the archives of the former secret police, the Stasi reported on June 18, 1988 that it monitored the King of Pop as he visited the Allied Checkpoint Charlie in the centre of divided Berlin.

Off das wall:

As it turns out the Communist secret police were not photographing the pop star at all. According to Sat.1 Television, they were in fact taking pictures of a double who was part of an elaborate stunt to gauge Jackson hysteria in the city.

Christian Engel, the double’s former bodyguard, said: “[We] travelled with dark cars and bodyguards and we fooled everybody. Nobody noticed that Michael isn’t the real Michael.”

“It was made for the Sat.1 morning and evening show. It worked very well.”

The real Jackson remains sat on his hands in a Stasi interview room.

SawfNews: “Michael Jackson’s tour insurance policy forbade drug abuse”

“This insurance does not cover any loss directly or indirectly arising out of, contributed to, by or resulting from . . . the illegal possession or illicit taking of drugs and their effects,” the policy reads, according to LA Times.

MX Logic: “Michael Jackson top subject of malware spam this year”

MXL Logic:

Michael Jackson, swine flu and Barack Obama have been this year’s top subjects of malware-distributing spam email and messages on social networks such as Twitter and Facebook, according to a malware analysis by PandaLabs.

Michael Jackson – Rest in Pieces…

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