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Carer Tricked Into Changing Adult Man’s Nappies

by | 10th, August 2009

nappy-manJANET Schulte learns that her new client’s middle-aged disabled brother needs a carer to bottle-feed him and change his nappies.

Schulte, of Melbourne, Australia, has advertised her services on A man calls and says that his brother has been in a car accident and left with weak arms, poor bladder control and the mental capacity of a 5-year-old. He’s not drunk. He’s injured.

Schulte takes the job. It turns out that the man and his brother are same person. And, no, both of them aren’t disabled – neither of them is.

Says Schulte:

I feel violated. I feel disgusted.”

So best share it with the press, then.

“I consented to change his diapers, but I legitimately thought this man needed help. How can that not be a crime for him to come into my house and expose himself?”

The disabled brother was always alone. Still, no crime. Says Sheriff’s Lt. Tod Goodyear:

“It’s a weird case. It’s really on a borderline of possibly being a fraud. He is perpetrating something there because he’s doing it under a false pretence.”

So a man who pretends to be disabled and wears nappies doesn’t need help? And, yeah, he must have put the nappies on himself. He’s the man who does nappies. For shame!

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