Anorak News | Michael Jackson Was Sold To Twitter And Mark Lester Confesses

Michael Jackson Was Sold To Twitter And Mark Lester Confesses

by | 10th, August 2009

michael-jacskonMICHAEL Jackson Watch: Anorak’s at-a-glance look at Michael Jackson in the news – Jackson paid for Twitter, buried in LA, Mark Lester is and isn’t Paris Jackson’s father and Jackson enters school syllabus…

Metro: “Oliver star’s Jacko daughter claims were ‘twisted’”

Mark Lester – the daddy?

‘They twisted his words around. He’s not claiming to be the father of Paris Jackson,’ said a family insider.

The back-peddle comes as lawyers for the Jackson camp slammed the claims. Attorney Londell McMillan said: ‘These are just merely claims with no legal standing whatsoever.’

Digital Spy: “[Uri] Geller: ‘I knew about Lester all along

So Lester is the Paris Jackson daddy?


“Mark Lester is a very straight shooter, an honest man and when he describes the process by which he was asked to make a donation of sperm, I believe every word he says. Michael Jackson always told me he was the biological father so you have on one hand Mark saying he might be and Michael saying he might be – so you have the question who the daddy is. Mark always told the truth and I believe he is telling us straight right now.”

Mashable: “Company Boasts it Sold Twitter Followers to Michael Jackson”


Social bookmarks to elevate social rank:

One such service is the highly-controversial paid Twitter follower service which has been offered by web promotions company for several months now. Now they’re claiming they’ve had the attention of some of the world’s largest names, including one interesting one in particular.

I can’t admit that we dealt with Michael Jackson directly, though we were in touch with someone in his family recently who tasked us with conducting a Twitter campaign on an account relating to him.” Said CEO Leon Hill. “It was exciting to say the very least to conduct work with such a big name.”

uSocial say that 25,000 followers were bought to be delivered to Jackson’s account and they’re still working on fulfilling the order.

“For obvious reasons we’ll be dealing with his family from here on in, though it would have been great to conduct services for Michael Jackson in a different time, under different circumstances.” Said Hill.

Brand Republic: “Michael Jackson family wanted to ‘buy’ Twitter followers”

Australian marketing company, which sells packages of Twitter “followers”, said that Michael Jackson’s family wanted to buy 25,000 followers for the pop star’s Twitter account before he died.

Daily Mirror: “Jackson-themed merchandise approved”

Michael Jackson will be featured in calendars and collectors’ coin cases after a judge approved several deals involving the singer’s estate.

The judge at Los Angeles Superior Court signed off on agreements for Jackson-themed items including calendars, school supplies, posters and a commemorative coin.

Now Magazine: “Michael Jackson’s body is finally laid to rest”

Michael Jackson has been buried, his family’s lawyer confirms. The star died in June and a public memorial was held at LA’s Staples Centre on 7 July… It’s thought the family held a low-key ceremony at the Forest Lawn cemetery in the Hollywood Hills.

New York Times: “Gamma’s Bankruptcy Shows Shift in Photojournalism”

Jean-François Leroy, organizer of the Visa pour l’Image photojournalism festival, which runs in Perpignan for two weeks beginning Aug. 29, pointed to a declining emphasis in the media on serious subjects — what he called the “disease of the press” — as another problem.

“Photographers are producing plenty of great stuff, but now the media seem interested only in celebrities,” he said. When Michael Jackson died, it wasn’t part of the news, it was the news. How many photographs of his funeral did we really need?”

Michael Jackson – Rest in Pieces…

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