Anorak News | Claire Elisabeth Fields Cruise Is Paris Jackson’s Mother

Claire Elisabeth Fields Cruise Is Paris Jackson’s Mother

by | 10th, August 2009

claire-elisabeth-fields-cruiseMEET Claire Elisabeth Fields Cruise, a woman who has filed three guardianship petitions – one for each of Michel Jackson’s three children. Is she the fake Debbie Rowe?

Says “random loon” Claire Elisabeth Fields Cruise:

I am the biological mother of Prince Michael Jackson II and all of his siblings.”

She is married to Michael Jackson – “who is now deceased” – and “engaged to Prince Michael Jackson II’s biological father.” And , alelgedly, shagged Mark Lester, or met him in a Petri Dish.

And in homage to the shrinking Hollywood gene pool, Claire Elisabeth Fields Cruise says she’s the mother of one of Tom Cruise’s kids.

So here’s another woman who makes Katherine Jackson look like a sound choice to raise the Jackson Three.

In time, there will be other parents. And one day the world will have to take action and officially adopt the Jackson Three on behalf of all mankind.

Of course, their real mother was Princess Diana, and one day everyone will know…


Image of her Facebook page, via D-listed.

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