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London Party Goer Sues Officer For ‘Assault’

by | 11th, August 2009

pcMORE good news for the police as member of the Territorial Support Group (Ian Tomlinson chapter) is seen, allegedly, attending the Last Orders On The Tube party on 31 May last year (drinking booze won the Tube was banned the next day).

That’s the party-giong copper, allegedly, slapping a fellow party-goer in the face hard enough to draw blood.

The alleged victim is Chris Leonard, 26, who, allegedly, asked PC James Hendrick the time at Liverpool Street station.

Mr Leonard claims he was punched him up to four times and then knelt on his back before he was arrested and held in a cell for 14 hours.

Says he:

“I only noticed him seconds before he hit me. I just had time to realise, Oh god, he’s coming for me.’ I backed away as far as I could, but I couldn’t get away from him. I remember saying, What the hell are you doing?’ as I saw him draw his fist back. He hit me three or four times in the mouth and nose in quick succession.

“I was left disorientated but could hear people around me shouting and screaming at him. The next thing I knew he had dragged me out of the crowd. He threw me to the ground and as he came down on top of me he put his knees in my ribs. He must have weighed about 19st and it was agony.”

That’s light for a copper. In the old say they were fatter, and jollier. Now they’re bulky and look like walking black leather sofas.

PC Hendrick’s alleges that Mr Leonard hit him. Leonard was later charged with violent disorder and assaulting an officer.

Last week, the case against Leonard was dropped. A judge at Southwark Crown Court cleared him. Look at the photos. And the CCTV? Well – what d’yer know – just when you need CCTV it was, Mr Leonard says, not made available in time. How unlucky is that?

Says he:

“My life was on hold for 15 months. The stress and worry of knowing you could go to jail for a crime you haven’t committed is unbelievable. It is frightening that tens of thousands of pounds in taxpayers’ money can be spent on a case built on nothing.”

A Scotland Yard spokesman mutters:

“Now we’re aware of these allegations the Directorate of Professional Standards will look into them due to the seriousness of the allegations being made against our staff.”

Mr Leonard is preparing to sue the police over the assault and for malicious prosecution and false imprisonment.

On a brighter note, now that the booze is banned on the Tube, there will be less violence. Unless…

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