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Lucky The Duck Gets New Shoes

by | 11th, August 2009

7697447LUCKY the duckling was in an accident that left one foot pointing in the wrong direction when it healed. Lucky was doomed to hop or swim in circles, round and round the little lake. In time the circle would decrease until one day Lucky would disappear from view and reappear bathed in hot orangey butter.

But Lucky’s mummy duck, Allison Morgan, hired cobbler Kelvin Reddicliffe at the Newport branch of Timpsons Ltd to fit Lucky with a rubber “roman sandal”, and cut him a new set of keys.

One problem is that when Lucky takes to the waters, the rubber floats, causing Lucky to look like a synchronised swimmer of limited range.
Happily, a vet says he can insert pins into Lucky’s thigh and create the world’s first ready made duck kebab.

Lucky my nature. The no. 34 with sweet and sour source by name….

What’s the bill?


You can’t keep a good duck down



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