Anorak News | £40million Graff Jewellery Robbers Captured

£40million Graff Jewellery Robbers Captured

by | 11th, August 2009

7697668THERE’S a robbery at Graff jewellers in New Bond Street. In all, 43 items are stolen. The goods are valued at £40m, or $65m.

It’s a record. Britain’s previous biggest diamond jewellery robbery was a £23 million raid, which also took place at Graff’s, in 2003. Two Serbs were sent to jail. But £20 million worth of jewels are still missing.Was it worth it?

But the men must be tracked down. They must. Det Ch Insp Pam Mace from the Flying Squad tells us:

“This was a well planned robbery with a number of vehicles used to help the robbers escape.”


“These men are extremely dangerous and fired at least two shots in busy London streets as they made their getaway.”

No. They are not extremely dangerous. Steven barker is extremely dangerous. These men are extremely cunning and ingenious. They might be extremely desperate now, but given their level planning – no-one was hurt – they are very possibly extremely pleased and having an extremely exciting time.

One of them looks not a lot unlike a younger Peter Mandelson. Say the police:

“Someone knows who these men are, they would undoubtedly have spoken about it beforehand or boasted about it afterwards.”

Or no. Because some villains are clever enough not to boast of their crime, nor reveal their plans. They only had to wear suits, force one shop worker outside with them and fire a shot into the air. What gets villains caught is a reward, a fat appeal to their villainous natures.

The robbers fired a second shot in Dover Street – well at Dover Street; the men fired downwards – where they abandoned a blue BMW. Their bad parking might be their undoing. If there is one thing you cannot do in London it is park outside the rules. Westminster council always get their man.

The robbers then climbed into a silver Mercedes and drove into Farm Street where it the gangs split up, some getting into a black Ford Galaxy or Volkswagen Sharan.

Says Det Ch Insp Pam Mace:

“If anyone knows who these men are, we’d love to hear from you.”

Our advice it to wait until details of the inevitable reward are made known…

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