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Tracey Connelly’s Keep-Fit Video, Baby P’s Dad Sues And The Sun Owns Peter Connelly’s Soul

by | 12th, August 2009

7695364BABY P Watch – Anroak’s round-up of Peter Connelly, Tracey Connelly, Steven Barker and Jason Barker in the news – new prisons, new identities, Baby P’s father to sue Haringey, social workers sue and The Sun’s new grave grab…

Sky News: “Baby P Mum To Get New ID – And Fitness Guru”

But today it emerged Connelly is likely to get a new name, social security details and a costly new appearance, paid for by the taxpayer. Sources told Sky News Online these would include a new hairstyle and a fitness guru who would help her slim down.

The media hates child killers nearly as much as it hates the fat. Tracey may yet issue her own keep-fit video and diet.


Baby Peter’s natural father is to sue Haringey Council for its failure to protect his son, it emerged yesterday.The grieving father is seeking £200,000 compensation, although legal experts said he could claim twice as much.

Daily Telegraph: “Baby P’s father to sue Haringey Council”

But Ann Widdecombe, the Tory MP, questioned whether Peter’s father should be entitled any compensation. “Given that he was seeing the child on a regular basis, he failed to spot the same injuries that the others failed to spot,” she said. “If he can show evidence that he reported this to social services then it would be different. But if not, why should he be compensated?”

Daily Star: “150m to huide baby P’s killers”

MORE than £150million in taxpayers’ cash could be spent protecting the killers of Baby P.

That seems a little high. You can rearrange features for much elss than that:

Vigilantes have already put a six-figure price on the head of evil mum Tracey Connelly, 28, stepdad Steven Barker, 33, and his brother Jason Owen, 37. They have also been earmarked for reprisal attacks in jail, with inmates at Wakefield putting a £10,000 bounty on blinding Barker.


Taxpayers will foot the £10,000 bill for new identities for Tracey Connelly and Steven Barker as they are re-housed outside London. And that’s just a start. Their new homes will have reinforced doors and windows, panic buttons and alarms to prevent vigilantes getting in. Fireproof letterboxes will stop petrol attacks. All this will cost another £10,000.
On top of that will be a £30,000 a year bill for maintaining security equipment and for monitoring by the probation service.

Total: £150million. Right. Do the Daily Star math, readers…

The Sun: “Try and stop”

A SOCIAL worker told last night how Baby P’s twisted mum Tracey Connelly WATCHED brute Steven Barker sexually assault a two-year-old girl – but did NOTHING. The source was involved in the girl’s rape case after the horrific death of Baby P – named yesterday as Peter Connelly.

Now with the names named, and the social workers pilloried in the Sun’s campaign, and Baby P’s dad looking for compo, the Sun’s reminds readers that social workers are not all useless. Baby P’s dad may care to cite the Sun’s claim in court:

“Councillors were forced to act after 1.4 million Sun readers signed out petition…demanding sackings.”

And the Sun has more evidencre for Baby P’s dad: In “New quiz to ‘lift lid'”:

A THIRD and final Serious Case Review into Haringey Council’s handling of the Baby P tragedy is expected to be published in December… A source close to the review said: This one will lift the lid on the horrific abuse meted out by Barker and how Haringey failed. It’s the last piece of the puzzle.”

The Sun’s services to social work are now established: don’t do it because if you make mistake you will get slaughtered in the press and be tried by media. But – what’s this? Why’s it’s Sun Agony Aunt DEIDRE SANDERS to tells us it’s a “perilous job“:

NO one doubts Baby P should have been better protected from his cruel mother and stepfather. Social workers, police and doctors all failed him – with the finger of blame pointed especially at the social workers involved in the case. But we should not tar them all with the same brush.

Because they might sue? Of couse the Sun cares. It cares more than anyone:

The Sun: “Sun gives tot a new memorial”. So it’s donated a portion of its cover price to social work? No:

TRAGIC Baby P was finally given the dignity he deserves yesterday – a headstone from The Sun bearing his name, Peter peterConnelly. We erected the memorial at Islington and St Pancras Cemetery in North London after a two-year wait.

The Sun owns Baby Peter Connelly – forever! But what about those social workers – the ones the Sun demanded be sacked? You know, the ones who are now well placed to recognise a Tracey Connelly and not be duped again – they could even train other scoial workers..?


THE six people sacked for failing to ­protect Baby Peter want ­compensation of up to £3million. The figure, which will be paid by taxpayers if they win, includes a possible payment of up to ­£1million to Sharon ­Shoesmith, the disgraced former head of children’s services at ­London’s Haringey Council…

They are Baby Peter’s social worker Maria Ward and team manager Gillie Christou, both dismissed for gross misconduct, and Shoesmith’s £80,000-a-year deputy Cecilia Hitchen, who was fired in April.

Clive Preece, Haringey’s head of safeguarding children, is appealing against dismissal for gross misconduct. And Dr Sabah Al-Zayyat, the ¬consultant sacked after failing to spot Peter’s ¬broken back and ribs two days before his death, is suing London’s Great Ormond Street Hospital.

And this helps society how?


BABY PETER’S evil torturers must serve longer in jail, ¬ campaigners are demanding.

Another camapign. Hang the law. Hey, hang the culprits…

The Indy:

The Independent understands that the pair have been moved away from other prisoners to minimise the possibility that they will be attacked by fellow inmates. Barker, 33, resides at HMP Wakefield – home to some of Britain’s most dangerous prisoners – while Connelly, 28, is believed to have recently been moved to Low Newton prison in Co Durham. She was in Holloway women’s prison in north London, which housed Myra Hindley and Maxine Carr, but is said to have been moved ahead of her identity becoming public knowledge.

The Guardian: Spend to break the cycle of abuse

Tracey Connelly was in care, according to reports. What care did she receive during that time to reduce the risk she clearly posed to her own children?

Croydon Guardian: “Baby P killer Jason Owen lied to enrol at Croydon College”

A local angle to the horror story:

A sadistic killer of Baby P lied his way on to a Croydon College course while awaiting trial for his part in the death of the little boy, the Croydon Guardian can reveal.

Jason Owen, 37, signed on to a 13-week City and Guilds construction course without telling the Wellesley Road college bosses on his application form he was on bail for allowing his brother to torture the 18-month-old boy to death.

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