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Drivers Encouraged To Run Down Schoolchildren

by | 12th, August 2009

bollard-2OUTSIDE Avenue Primary School in Leicester, council bosses have stationed new bollards made to look like children.

This, they argue, is an effort not to seduce paedophiles to the area and then better slaughter them – well, not only that – but to reduce speeding drivers.

Creepy pretend children will make speeding drivers who don’t know what a  real child looks like – or don’t care enough to drive carefully by a school –  slow down? Or will the eerie boys and girls just desensitize careless drivers to the presence of real children? It’s a terrific scheme, no?

There are bollards in a limited full range of pallets. There is a dark-skinned boy and fair-haired girl and fair-haired boy.

Anorak wonders which human design will attract the most speeding motorists, and which the least? And if a points total should be daubed on the chest of each effigy for a game of bollard snooker, or skittles?

The potential to cause and take offence is huge. Watch this story run in the nationals soon…


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