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Tracey Connelly’s Lesbian Lover And Baby P’s Flesh

by | 13th, August 2009

tracey-connelly3BABY P Watch – Anroak’s round-up of Peter Connelly, Tracey Connelly, Steven Barker and Jason Barker in the news – Tracey’s lesbian fling, evil flesh and Rose West…

THE focus on Baby P’s “evil” mum Tracey Connelly goes on as the Sun reveals: “Baby P mum is lesbian.”

Phwoarr, indeed, readers. Can Tracey Connelly become Racey Tracey and so be accepted into tabloid society? The Sun doesn’t give readers Tracey’s vital statistics, but she’s a hefty lass.

And so to today’s The Big Debate: does Tracey Connelly wait until she’s lost weight and had her hair done before she poses with her naked chest pushed into another woman – or does she just go for it now?

Or is she one of those lesbians, the broadcast’s media’s last taboo, a wimmin in sensible shoes who you never see on the telly unless she’s talking about a dull book or genital mutilation in Soviet Central Asia?

The Sun is here to help:

THE twisted mother of tortured Baby P had a LESBIAN fling in prison, The Sun can reveal. Callous Tracey Connelly, 28, sneaked off to a cell with a 30-year-old brunette while in Holloway jail, North London, awaiting trial over the death of her 17-month-old baby son Peter.

No picture of the 30-year-old brunette stunna, but there is the promise of another coupling to come:

Connelly “was moved to Low Newton – which also houses House of Horrors child killer Rose West – days before a court order banning her identification was lifted on Monday.”

But wait in line, Rose. Says one lag’s lover:

“There are hundreds of women in there and they all want their piece of flesh from that evil bitch.”

There’s very possibly a film in this, Evil Flesh shot on a mobile phone smuggled ladylike into the jail. But what of this lesbian fling – how do we know it happened?

Lavinia Stewart, who shared a cell with Connelly at Holloway, told how the ex-bar worker became infatuated with a 30-year-old inside for drugs offences. Lavinia, who was jailed for possessing a knife, said the brunette lover was on an isolation wing because she harmed herself.

Lavinia is clearly a trustworthy source of info:

“Tracey would disappear into this girl’s cell every dinner break rather than eat with us. We believed they were having a lesbian relationship.”

connelly-mugShe had to be lesbian. There can no other explanation. And Lavinia has more:

“Tracey was a greedy cow. She ate a lot and loved her food. She was always eating biscuits. Tracey also smelled. I had to sleep next to her and she stank. I had to keep moaning at her to wash and keep the cell clean.”

The dirty lesbian…

Daily Mirror: Brian Reade:

Sadists torture and kill a beautiful baby over a prolonged period, are caught and put away, and it is decided they deserve to have new identities and round-the-clock protection when they are released. Aren’t we missing the point over Baby P?

For what they did, and for what they are, they should not be released until they are so old they are unrecognisable.

The Sun: “Kids saw tot’s nails pulled out”

The papers love to tell readers about teh horro of Baby P’s short brutal life. anyone with half a brain will have got the idea. But still the Sun wants to dwell on it. Look! Look! Look!

Barker held a gun to a child’s head as Connelly cackled in glee.

Baby P’s siblings were so hungry they ate tissue paper.

The children sat in their room for hours with backs to the door fearing someone would harm them.

The children saw Barker pull out Baby Peter’s fingernails – and they were ordered to laugh.

Their heads had nits when they were rescued, and they smelt. They hated their mum so much they put their fingers in their ears to block out her letters from jail.

Bromley Times: “The monster in our midst”

Local news angles:

Jason Owen, 37, who lived in a council house in Wittersham Road, Bromley, before fleeing to North London with his 15-year-old girlfriend, changed his name after a family row…

Upon the expiry of the order, a catalogue of horrors about Owen, nicknamed ‘Fat Boy’ as a child…

Islington Gazette: “Revealed: Evil Baby P mum’s Islington past”

All news stories start off as local news stories – unless the lcoal newspapers don’t investigate events on their patch and are forced to play catch-up…

THE MOTHER of Baby P – the tot who was tortured while on the at-risk register with Haringey Social Services – grew up in Islington, it has been revealed this week.

Tracey Connelly, 28, was brought up in a council flat, off Essex Road, by her Irish-born mother Mary O’Connor and a man who was not her dad.

The Spectator: “Respectful uncertainty”

Since Peter’s death, more than 30 children under the age of five have been murdered or died of abuse. Yet the 30,000 children on the child protection register only feature in mainstream political debate occasionally. The plight of Britain’s vulnerable children vanishes from our public discourse for years at a time before another grotesque example — Chelsea Brown, Ainlee Labonte, Lauren Wright, Victoria Climbié — reminds us that the system we pay for doesn’t work.

Modern journalism is all about reaction. Baby Peter Connelly is today’s news. But who is making news tomorrow?

Image: The house in Penshurst Road, Tottenham, where Baby P lived.


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