Anorak News | Katie Price Inflates Chantelle As Peter Andre Ends It All

Katie Price Inflates Chantelle As Peter Andre Ends It All

by | 13th, August 2009

chantelleKATIE Price and Peter Andre divorce: Chantelle Houghton’s promoted at Princess Tiaamii’s birthday, Jordan’s upset, Jordan the TV mogul and Peter Andre will not say anything more about it LIVE on Sky News…

STV: “Katie Price ‘not happy’ Chantelle met her kids”

Katie Price has admitted that she is unhappy that Chantelle Houghton has been introduced to her kids, a report claims.

In case the kidzzzz mistake Chantelle Houghton, for it is she, for their lookalike mum? And what of Katie Price’s partially sighted son Harvey who may start to think the he is in the care of not two but four giant space hoppers? Indeed, given how much mum’s face has altered, Harvey can glue a serving spoon onto a pair of watermelons and never be far from a mother figure.

The glamour model’s estranged husband Peter Andre invited the Celebrity Big Brother winner to Princess Tiaamii’s second birthday party, according to Now! magazine. Katie, who is currently dating cage fighter Alex Reid, said: “I was not happy.

“I have kept my mouth shut on this for a couple of weeks but it has upset me. She doesn’t even know my children so I cannot understand why she is at the party.”

To pop out of the cake? To twist her inflatables into the shape of a  dog? Says a Peter Andre source in The People:

“She was invited to the party because she belongs to the same management company as Pete.”

No, not Tianaminimiiii, Chantelle.

The Guardian: Katie’s new TV production company

“This isn’t part of the PR battle, it is a very honest account of her life moving forward. All the sides of Katie’s life will be covered, good and bad, but you will also see a softer side to her.”

Release the implants! That soft enough for you?

Glamour: “Peter Andre says he’s moved on”

Peter Andre says he’s sick of the publicity surrounding his split from Katie Price – and he thinks that the public are too. “People will get sick of it – I’m sick of it… I think I have said everything I have had to say, I really do.”

’Nuff said. Move on. We shall hear no more about it…

“I think enough is enough and I just want to get on with it. It’s become messy, it’s become very public.”

Cut! Roll credits. Ends. Fin.

“I can’t blame anyone but ourselves – this is the life that we chose. You can’t switch it off and on.”

Metro: “Peter Andre calls for Jordan ‘truce'”

“It’s ridiculous. At the end of the day we’ve got three kids in the middle of this. I just think enough is enough. It’s not nice.”

Yes you can. Cripes! No, you can’t. He’s everywhere…

End. Finish. Cease. Stop.

RTE: “Andre fed up talking about break-up”

Andre was speaking on BBC Breakfast where he speculated that the public must be tired of hearing about the split.

“Isn’t everyone bored of talking about this? I know I am. You’ll notice in a lot of interviews, all that happens is I may just say how I’m feeling now.”


Sky News: “Peter Andre: ‘Jordan Row Is Affecting Kids'”

Speaking to Sky’s Eamonn Holmes, the 36-year-old declared “enough is enough”…

Repeat forever…

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