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Les Paul Joins Celebrity Death Watch

by | 14th, August 2009

6627309LES Paul dies and the Celebrity Death Watch business thrives. Anorak’s Man in LA looks at the man who made so much possible:

Les was the innovator, and a part if the New York City music scene over the years. He pioneered multitrack recording; he invented the solid body guitar; when he shattered his right arm in a car crash, rendering it immobile, he had it set at an angle so he could play continue to guitar; they named the Les Paul after him!

But it’s thirty-third week of 2009 and Les Paul’s is the thirty-eighth celebrity death we’ve highlighted since January 3rd.

Get a load of this list of the people whose passings we’ve mentioned in 2009– so far:

Glenn Goldman of Book Soup
Ray Dennis Steckler, movie auteur
Jon Hager of the Hager Twins
John Updike, author
James Brady, newspaperman
Leroy Cooper, musician
David Fathead Newman, saxman
Hank Crawford, musician
Dewey Martin of Buffalo Springfield
Tom Brumley of Rick Nelson’s band
Lux Interior of The Cramps
Orlando Cachaito López, Buena Vista Social Club bassist
Wendy Richard, Carry On actress
Alan Landers, Winston Man
Altovise Davis, Sammy Davis Jr.’s widow
Seattle Post-Intelligencer
Natasha Richardson
Dorothea Holt Redmond, production designer
Peter Rogers, Carry On producer
Danny Gans Dom DeLuise
Wayne Allwine, voice of Mickey Mouse
David Carradine, actor,
Sam Butera, musician Ed McMahon
Farrah Fawcett
Michael Jackson
Steve Brennan, reporter
Allen Klein
Walter Cronkite
Gidget, Taco Bell pup
Alexis Cohen, American idol Glitter Girl
Rev. Ike
Sidney Zion, journo
Billy Lee Riley, rockabilly legend
John Hughes
Willy DeVille
Les Paul

Maybe it’s because people are living longer or that we’ve been creating too many celebrities, but we’re getting tired of the deathwatch – TB

In Europe the EU Celebrity Mountain shows a few signs of thinning out – the death of Big Brother, source of so much talent; Jade Goody Industries on its uppers; Simon Cowell’s pulp maching can’t go on forever. The EU celebrity landfill, is being made ready….

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