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George Clooney Give Mark Wahlberg The Gift Of Fear

by | 14th, August 2009

george-clooney1WANT to know what George Clooney got Marky Mark Wahlberg as a wedding gift?

Don’t bother guessing, it’s a rhetorical question. What Clooney gave Whalberg was an insight into his issues.

As the National Enquirer reports:

To his closest pals, prankster George Clooney will forever be “George Clown-ey” for wacky stunts like… sending buddy Mark Wahlberg a wedding gift that arrived just before his “I do” to new bride Rhea Durham – who definitely did NOT echo Almost Hubby’s delighted belly-laugh when he opened the box and found: a ball and chain; handcuffs; a straightjacket inscribed with his name; and a photo of Marky Mark peering forlornly through jalihouse bars.

Clowney ships the same hilarious gift to pals preparing to walk The Last Mile… er, I mean walk down the aisle.

This should tell Clooney‘s current sidekick, Italian showgirl Elisabetta Canalis, all she needs to know about her future with the actor.

As for being wacky, it’s not, it’s predictable, the mainstay joke of a floundering Stag night comic.

It also makes Clooney the focus of attention. He doesn’t want to get married and he wants to remind you of that at your wedding. Stars are not made, they are born.

As for the idea of bondage – well, as Lady Gaga tells us, that turns you gay…


Marky Mark… Lady Gaga – who needs children when you’ve got your peers, George?

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