Anorak News | Sophie Reade’s Breasts Outgrow Big Brother

Sophie Reade’s Breasts Outgrow Big Brother

by | 14th, August 2009

big-brother1BIG Brother sensation as Sophie Reade’s breasts grow before your eyes.

Indeed, dear readers, Big Brother is no longer like watching grass grow. Big Brother requires an entire new language to explain its being.

As Anorak’s pictures show, watching Big Brother is like watching Sophie’s breasts grow.

Of course, it was never always this way. One afternoon, in Messers Nip ‘n’ Tuck’s clinic, Sophie’s breasts grew massively in a very short time. Now they grow by degrees, like two tectonic plates drifting inexorably together to form a massive mountain down which a cascade of asti spumanti can flow, or, should the photographer request it, a river of single cream.

The longer Sophie stays in the house, the larger her breasts will surely become. There is a chance that she won’t make it through the exit door and will have to have the sit in the garden as the house is brought down around her, or else be floated over the wall.

Sophie Reade is a budding star, literally…

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