Anorak News | Graff Robbers Claim £1million Reward

Graff Robbers Claim £1million Reward

by | 14th, August 2009

graffINSURERS Tyler and Company have put a £1m for information leading to the arrest and prosecution of the gang members who robbed Graff Jewellers in New Bond Street.

This tells us that the insurers have little faith in the police finding the villains behind the £40m raid nor the 43 stolen pieces, and are relying of good old fashioned greed to see justice done.

With all that CCTV in London no-one has been found. Maybe the robbers can return the goods and get a cool million?

DCI Pam Mace, head of Barnes Flying Squad, tells Sky News:

“I think this is the biggest reward ever offered for a crime of this type. And I’m directing my appeal at people, and that includes criminal associates, who know who these robbers are and where they are.”

Translation: I have no real idea who took the gems nor where they are.

DCI Mace – a product of nominative determinism – then says the police are “making good progress” in the search and are following up a “significant number of active enquiries“.

And if you do grass the Graff robbers up, then the million might not go all that far, or far enough:

An unsuspecting 29-year-old artist, who notified police and may now be put under the witness protection programme, giving him a new identity, altered the suspect’s hair colour and skin tone in a four-hour session. He had been led to believe they were appearing in a pop video and was told to make them look older.

As for the booty, the Guardian knows:

Haul from Britain’s biggest jewel robbery to be recut and sold in China, experts say.

Or,er, not.

And as for clues, well, once a copper, always a copper:

Former flying squad commander Roy Ramm said the initial silence from detectives – news of the heist was not made public for five days – indicated they had a line of inquiry.

Or that they have not the foggiest and were waiting for the insurers to offer a reward…

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