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Madeleine McCann Is Hijacked

by | 15th, August 2009

5911113MADELEINE McCann Watch: Anorak’s at-a-glance look at Madeleine McCann in the news – The ‘Madeleine Foundation’ leaflet Kate And Gerry McCanns’ home town. It’s the Third Summer of Maddie and the ghouls are conducting a witch hunt…

The Sun: “Maddie villagers get ‘McCanns did it’ letter”

THE parents of Madeleine McCann were angry and upset yesterday after neighbours were sent leaflets claiming they were to blame for her death. Vile campaigners put copies of the four-page publication through every door in their home village of Rothley, Leics.

Produced by the “Madeleine Foundation”, it included “Ten Reasons Why Madeleine McCann was Not Abducted”. ..

There is no evidence that she was. And – get this – no evidence that she wasn’t. There is no proof of any crime. Madeleine McCann is missing.

The group, which claims wildly that Kate killed Maddie and Gerry helped hide the body, added “Reasons Why Her Parents Should Be Prosecuted.”

Kate and Gerry McCann are innocent. This claim is disgusting and unwarranted – unless it is fame you seek?

Its secretary is disgraced solicitor Anthony Bennett whose bid to bring a private prosecution against the McCanns last year was thrown out of court.

Daily Mail: “Sick backlash: McCanns tormented by leaflet campaign blaming them for Madeleine’s disappearance”


The McCanns said the organisation was not connected to them and its actions could hamper their search.

The leaflet says her parents’ version of events on the night she disappeared is a ‘sheer impossibility’. It suggests it is more likely that Madeleine died in the apartment and that they covered up her death.

Good to see the ghouls are sticking to the facts. Maybe they should write for the tabloids?

BBC: “McCann leaflets cause local anger”

The flyers are from a group which is calling for the case to be reopened – but the move has prompted an angry response from some residents.

The McCanns said the organisation was not connected to them and its actions could hamper their search.

This is Leicesterhire: “‘Offensive’ McCann posters put up”

The leaflets had been put on trees and noticeboards, and posted through villagers’ letterboxes, over the past few days by the Madeleine Foundation.

The pressure group has repeatedly claimed Madeleine was not abducted. The leaflets list 10 reasons why the organisation thinks Kate and Gerry McCann should be prosecuted.

Kate and Gerry McCann issued a statement yesterdaythrough their spokesman, Clarence Mitchell, in which they said: “We do not wish to dignify the actions of the Madeleine Foundation with any response at all.”

So don’t. These people are best ignored. But no comment is still a comment.

“…We also strongly believe that the actions of this organisation do not have Madeleine’s best interests at heart. If anything, this organisation has hindered all our efforts to find Madeleine.”

Look out it’s…

Debbie Butler, chairman of the Madeleine Foundation, said the leaflets were part of an international campaign. She said the Madeleine Foundation was printing 10,000 of them a day, with hundreds distributed in Leicestershire. She said: “These leaflets are not a new thing, they are part of nationwide and international campaign. They have been delivered in Leicestershire this week, and next week will be delivered in Nottinghamshire and the South West. They will also be mailed to France, Belgium and Australia.”

Why? Well, get this:

“They coincide with the release of the book What Really Happened to Madeleine McCann? Sixty reasons which suggest she was not abducted.”

Simon Hoggart: “Why the American right make me sick”

It’s Tabloid Bingo! Can you link the stories?

There are some things in the media I long ago decided not to believe. Anything about the disappearance of Madeleine McCann (except the obvious fact that the parents had nothing to do with it); the separation of nude model Jordan and her husband Peter Andre (you probably don’t read about that anyway, and nor should you); and any predictions about what is going on in the economy.

It’s the media’s Third Summer of Our Maddie and the child remains missing from all but the media…

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