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Jade Goody Presents Pride Of Heaven Awards

by | 16th, August 2009

1655741JADE Goody would be so proud” states the Daily Mirror’s front-page headline.

Jeff Brazier, Jade Goody’s old sparring partner, tells Mirror readers that Jade’s boys talks to her in heaven “and what he real thinks of Jack”.

We too are proud of Jeff for telling us how proud Jade is. They are the winners of Anorak’s first Pride of Heaven awards.

Jade Goody’s two young sons look up to the sky and ask: “Daddy, has Mummy’s hair grown back in Heaven?”

Dad Jeff Brazier hugs Bobby, six, and four-year-old Freddy tight, and smiling says: “‘Yes, Mummy’s got her hair back, she’s looking her best, wearing the lovely clothes she used to and she’s happy and joking a lot’.

“Whether it’s right or wrong, that’s what I tell them,” says Jeff.

Jackiey Budden, the Jade Goody Mum, could always ask Jade what she’s wearing at the next televised séance.

Jade could then lend her name to a range of after-life wear.

GMTV presenter Jeff, 30, said: “The most common question is ‘What’s Mummy doing in Heaven right now?’

“And you hear them say all sorts of things from ‘She’s going fishing with God’ to ‘Mummy’s walking her dog – she’s got a doggy in Heaven’.

6967678She’s eating an ambrosia kebab in nectar curry sauce. She’s singing a duet with Michael Jackson. She’s hanging out with Jesus Matzo Balls, Shiva Poppadom and Mohammed Two Chicken Madras And A Pint of Pernod.

It has been a hard slog for Jeff, who has had to juggle becoming a single dad with two young children with his TV job.

But thankfully, Jeff’s been making notes, which he is happy to share with us, and make us proud:

“Freddy can hold his breath for eight seconds under the water now… “My main message to the boys has always been, ‘If you feel sad, tell me. If you want to cry, that’s OK. Just tell me about it’… “Freddy says, ‘I know Mummy can hear me but I can’t hear Mummy’… “We collected Mummy some shells in Australia and made a necklace and placed it on the headstone.”

So much for the boys that don’t need the publicity:

While thousands turned out for her funeral, Jeff and the boys were on the other side of the world – on holiday in Australia to avoid the huge publicity.

Good to keep the Jade Goody Boys out of the public eye. So what’s Jeff Brazier been up to since Jade Goody died in the public eye?

Despite the turmoil of his home life, Jeff landed a contract with GMTV – presenting their X Factor-style search for Britain’s next family singing sensation. He has been touring the country holding auditions to find Britain’s No1 Family.

Hey, it’s no contest…

Jade Goody’s New Reality TV Show Stars Jack Tweed, Katie Price And Kerry Katona

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