Anorak News | Kerry Katona Takes ‘Cocaine’ In Her En Suite Bathroom

Kerry Katona Takes ‘Cocaine’ In Her En Suite Bathroom

by | 16th, August 2009

5967421FOR Kerry Katona life follows art, as the News of The World watches the star of the MTV show Kerry Katona: Crazy In Love taking “cocaine” and going “mad”:


Look on as:

SHAMELESS Kerry Katona pushes a rolled £20 note up her nose before swiftly snorting a line of cocaine – and every second is caught in shock detail on video.

Yeah, a £20 note. It’s alright for some. Not too long ago we feared Kerry was on her uppers. Now she is – but able to use a £20 note to administer them.

As we says, life mirrors art for Kerry. When Kerry Katona was in Kerry Katona: Crazy in Love she was with Mark Croft and rowing. Now she’s in MTV’s Kerry Katona: What’s The Problem, she appears to have a problem. Next season Kerry should star in Kerry Katona: The Jeremy Kyle Years.

The reality TV star has repeatedly denied she has a problem. But today the News of the World reveals the full extent of her cocaine habit with exclusive footage of her TAKING the Class A drug this week in her own bathroom.

That’s right. The NOTW has a video to Kerry Katona inhaling something which might be cocaine in the privacy of her own bathroom. Had only Kerry thought to put another note on the bathroom door forbidding the taking of pictures. But hindsight is a powerful thing.

It clearly shows the onetime singer and I’m A Celebrity jungle queen stumbling into the en suite at her home in Wilmslow, Cheshire, picking up the £20 note in her right hand before using it to push the white powder around to form a neat line.

An en suite, eh. Fancy. But no proof that it is cocaine. Anorak is no expert on bi-polar medication – Kerry is a celebrity sufferer – but might it be chopped and snorted?

As the camera rolls, chain-smoking Kerry sits on her unmade, dishevelled bed, wearing glasses, black headband, white blouse, the cardigan and jeans.

The cardigan. Always the signature cardigan.On teh cideo, the NOTW says Kerry;s “cocine” clothes is the “same outfit” she wore when “picking up her kids”. The NOTW expects more. Cocaine requires a special cocaine suite, a Class A equivalent to the smoking jacket.

But who took the video? The NOTW says Mark Croft, Kerry’s husband, was not in the house at the time. Mark was recently spotted getting to know a lap dancer on another video. Mark said he’d been set up. Kerry agreed. Says Kerry:

He didn’t get set up. . . that’s b***s.

A video can lie?

On the side of the bath, next to a vase of decorative red flowers, is a red pub drip tray – which she normally keeps under the bed – already piled with cocaine plus a £10 and £20 note ready rolled alongside a mystery white bag.

Kerry seeps lager? What else?

Our source said: “She had a cold, open bottle of pink champagne on the window sill and it wasn’t even 6pm…”

The sun is well past the yardarm at 6pm. Fair dos, Kerry. In any case, pink champers is to very classy. It is very Kerry:

“Kerry got drinking as soon as she possibly could in Blackpool… Finally she hit the vodkas and had six of them. She was flirting with complete strangers and paid for everything – kebabs, taxis, clubs, the lot.”

But even with on-tap kebabs, Kerry, it seems, is not satisfied. But will Kerry Katona become Cocaine Kerry in the same way the Kate Moss’s powdery snaps turned her into Cocaine Kate and gave her career a shot in the arm?

Meanwhile, digest the shocking news that shambling mess Kerry Katona, allegedly, takes drugs? Who would ever have guessed it?!

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